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To get the highest return on your investment, you must use your data in multiple ways. The resources on this page are a great way to share and present your data to others on campus.

When you think about using your College Student Inventory (CSI) results, you may have questions about best practices including which student lists you should be pulling and with whom they should be shared. We have created a new resource with recommended lists you can export into Excel along with ideas on how to use these lists.

As a reminder, if you need a refresher on how to filter or export, review the Retention Data Center Users Guide.

To facilitate the understanding of your RMS Survey Data, we think you will find our recorded webinar and resources helpful.

Data Review Webinar

Communicating the results of the RMS Surveys with the campus community will go a long way to ensuring ongoing collaboration, and perhaps even building receptivity to new partnerships. This infographic can be used to communicate a high level view of student risk, receptivity and requests for support. Use it as is and/or with the available PowerPoint presentation and supplement with other relevant campus information (for example, historical retention rates, net tuition revenue per student, the cost of attrition, comparisons of your retention and graduation rates with your peers and aspirant institutions.)

We recommend sharing this information at opening faculty meetings, with academic advisors, with department chairs (you can do additional graphics with just specific majors), the retention task force, and, parents (in particular, the Top Ten Requests for Assistance).

Instructions on Using your INFOGRAPHIC

In the Coordinator Guide, it outlines the data points you should be tracking. We’ve also provided some worksheets for your reference:

Research has shown that institutions that utilize the RMS Suite of surveys have higher retention/graduation rates than those that don’t. To calculate your potential ROI, use our ROI Estimator:

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Additional RMS Resources

Whether you are surveying for the first time or the 10th time, this page provides all the information you need for successfully surveying your students.

Implement Your Survey

After your students have completed the survey, you are ready to review your results. Review our resources to help you best understand and utilize your results.

Review Your Results