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Using the Identification of Student Risk, Receptivity, and Outreach Prioritization infographic

Communicating the results of the College Student Inventory with the campus community will go a long way to ensuring ongoing collaboration, and perhaps even building receptivity to new partnerships. This infographic can be used to communicate a high level view of student risk, receptivity and requests for support. Use it as is and/or with the available PowerPoint presentation and supplement with other relevant campus information (for example, historical retention rates, net tuition revenue per student, the cost of attrition, comparisons of your retention and graduation rates with your peers and aspirant institutions.)

We recommend sharing this information at opening faculty meetings, with academic advisors, with department chairs (you can do additional graphics with just specific majors), the retention task force, and, parents (in particular, the Top Ten Requests for Assistance).


CSI Outcomes

Use the provided worksheet to better understand your CSI outcomes.

SYSA Outcomes

Use the provided worksheet to better understand your SYSA outcomes.

Historical Trend Summary

Use your Summary and Planning Report to populate this worksheet and review historical CSI trends on your campus (CSI Form A, CSI Form C).