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Find a modern search solution that delivers everything you need to engage students on their mobile devices, turn parents into enrollment champions, and target the right students for your institution.

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Search strategy is hard to get right, risky if you get it wrong.
We make sure you get it right.


You have to be ready to engage today’s students anytime, anywhere. Students expect personalization and are unlikely to respond without it. This is the world Amazon, Netflix, and Starbucks have mastered. Students have similar expectations when engaging with your campus. That’s why we created RNL Student Search and Engagement.

With RNL Student Search and Engagement, we have taken a complex challenge in enrollment, mastered the formula for student engagement, and built solutions around it to create a modern search approach that delivers the personalization at scale your campus needs to engage and enroll students in today’s digital world.

The only search solution that fulfills The Engagement Formula


Watch Robert Heil of RNL discuss The Engagement Formula.

The Engagement Formula is a proven formula for student engagement that is the guiding principle for RNL Student Search and Engagement.

The level of engagement is a function of three variables: the value of your institution (value creation), multiplied by the ease of engagement with your campus, multiplied by how your campus articulates its value (value translation). Then, to amplify the impact of these three variables, we add the power of personalization (^p) to your outreach.

Aligning your search strategies with this formula is key to generating successful leads for your campus. We then bring together the following components to execute your search campaigns.

4 critical components that create a personalized, persuasive, and powerful student search experience

Digital advertising icon

Supercharged search
Blend traditional search with digital and social media components so you have multiple lead generation strategies.

Digital driven community engagement

Digitally driven community engagement powered by ZeeMee
Increase responders and enrollment by connecting students to your greatest recruitment resource—your campus community.

Parent engagement

Parent engagement that boosts enrollment
Boost responders and enrollment by turning parents into your best influencers.

Advanced analytics for student search

Advanced behavioral analytics
Receive actionable, real-time data for your team to increase your conversion rates.

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Why you need fully integrated digital engagement with students


of students bypass direct marketing and search on their own


average number of times a student unlocks their phone each day

2 out of 3

students click on paid digital ads

Supercharged Search Campaigns


Target the right students in the right markets with the right marketing

With current and ongoing disruptions at the top of the funnel, finding the right student records is imperative to enrollment success. You also need to engage students with a blend of digital and traditional marketing to maximize their interest. With RNL’s Supercharged Search, we provide the analytics, strategy, and communications you need to deliver search campaigns that produce the enrollment you want.

  • Make the most efficient name purchases using predictive modeling.
  • Identify new market opportunities to grow strategically.
  • Deliver world-class digital marketing, email, and direct mail to optimize your omnichannel outreach.


Digital Student Engagement With ZeeMee

Digital Student Engagement Powered by ZeeMee

Build student communities that build enrollment

Students headed to college are looking for a community. They want to connect with other prospective students as well as the campus community during their enrollment journey—to get their authentic insights and reinforce their enrollment decision.

Our Digital Student Engagement Powered by ZeeMee component delivers that genuine community experience right to their phones.

  1. Grow the top of the funnel by inviting inquiries, applicants, and admits to follow your college on the app—launching your community.
  2. Engage students continuously through chat, virtual events, campus videos, and finding new friends.
  3. Increase yield and reduce melt by building strong personal relationships between students, helping them fall in love with your school.

Digital Community Building

Harness the power of turning parents into enrollment champions


of parents say they are involved in the search process


greater likelihood of converting from inquiry to applicant when parents are engaged


higher email open rates from parents compared to students

Parent Engagement


Parent Engagement with CampusESP

Drive student enrollment with TRUE parent engagement

Parents have always been influential in the search process, but did you know that during the pandemic, we’ve seen a 5x increase in parent engagement? With RNL Student Search and Engagement, we give you the means to tap into the influence and involvement of parents and boost your enrollment results.

  • Engage parents more directly and effectively than ever before.
  • Qualify their interest through advanced analytics.
  • Influence their behavior with targeted digital messaging.
  • Leverage the data to maximize their enrollment influence.

Advanced Behavioral Analytics


Increase conversion rates and maximize your ROI

Our search analytics have a huge impact on the success of our clients—typically our search strategy drives 40 percent of freshman enrollment. That’s why we deliver three sets of key behavioral analytics that provide insights into your pool and optimize your student search strategies:

  • Search modeling provides inquiry-to-application analytics to identify your optimal search strategy.
  • The affordability predictor delivers insights into the need levels of students before they submit FAFSA data.
  • Inquiry-to-enrollment modeling helps you understand your inquirers and keep them moving toward enrollment.

Student Search and Engagement

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