Digital Student Engagement Powered by ZeeMee

Boost conversion at every stage of your enrollment funnel by building digital student communities with prospective students.

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Create authentic peer-to-peer connections
with students that drive enrollment results


Looking to increase excitement, engagement, and enrollment from prospective students? Then look to RNL Digital Student Engagement Powered by ZeeMee, a powerful component for RNL Student Search to Enrollment.

Digital Student Engagement combines social discovery and true community for prospective students, increasing their affinity through 1:1 connections, community chat, virtual social events, and more—making it the #1 community for high school and college students.

  • Drive conversion and enrollment through the power of community engagement.
  • Use the voice of top prospects to influence others in the community.
  • Focus your enrollment efforts using engagement metrics that provide powerful insights.
  • Gain a competitive edge with the students you are trying to enroll.

Digital Student Communities: Smartphone screens showing how to engage students with ZeeMee




prospective students use the ZeeMee


active communities


countries with active students

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Find out how you can make student communities a power part of your student search and enrollment efforts.

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Find actionable, real-time data


Digital Student Engagement Powered by ZeeMee provides entirely new, weighty signals and actionable insights on student behavior, helping colleges predict and impact outcomes from recruitment through graduation. The dashboard will help answer questions like:

  • Who are your most engaged prospects?
  • Who do you need to contact?
  • Which group of students is falling off?
  • What are students most concerned about?
Digital Student Communities: Image of the data dashboard that provides real time insights

Explore the latest research and insights on engaging students