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Increase engagement, conversion, and enrollment by providing students with a tailored website experience.

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Meet students where they are when they visit your website


More than 90% of students use college websites during the college search process, and websites have long been the number one resource for prospective students. But website experiences tend to be static, providing the same interaction and content regardless of where students are on their enrollment journey. RNL Intelligent Web Engagement powered by Halda turns your website into a powerful experience that engages students from the first visit and delivers content and calls to action relevant to their interests. Use it as an integrated component for RNL Student Search to Enrollment or as an independent solution for your institution.

  • Increase lead generation and conversion by delivering content and calls to action that are tailored to the student.
  • Improve engagement from campaigns by delivering personalized greetings and calls to action that align with their phase of the enrollment journey.
  • See ROI on your campaigns quickly with smart dashboards that show results and help you track conversions.

Watch our webinar to see a demonstration

Webinar: Increasing Conversion and Enrollment Through Intelligent Web Engagement
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Why campuses love RNL Intelligent Web Engagement powered by Halda


boost in conversion


greater likelihood of enrollment


of students like using it

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Ask for a complimentary consultation and we can share case studies, discuss how to integrate Intelligent Web Engagement with your enrollment campaigns, and increase conversion from your website interactions.

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Ramp up engagement from your campaigns as well as organic traffic


  • Engage and re-engage students with dynamic landing pages and a retargeting hub that make every web visit feel personalized and inviting.
  • Greet students personally when they return to your site.
  • Provide relevant next steps based on their previous behavior.
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Fully integrates with RNL Student Search to Enrollment

By adding Intelligent Web Engagement to RNL’s full-funnel enrollment solution you can amplify the impact of your email, digital advertising, mailing, and calling campaigns as you drive students to your website.