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About the Index

The RNL Digital Giving Index shows giving results from RNL Crowdfunding and RNL Giving Day, both powered by the ScaleFunder platform. These data are pulled from thousands of campaigns for higher education as well as nonprofit organizations.

You can use the menus to dive into different data sets and explore different aspects of digital giving results. Click the View Fullscreen button below to enlarge the Index.

Listen to Ryan Lawrence from UC Berkeley and David Jakielo from Duquesne University talk about what you’ll find in the RNL digital giving index, and how to use the data to benchmark and craft strategy in your program.

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How to use the Index

Watch this short video to see how you can use the RNL Digital Giving Index. RNL’s Eric Billings explains the data sources of the index and how you can use the data to benchmark your own efforts.

You can also download our overview and glossary of terms used in the index.

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