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Advancement Leaders Speak 2022: Fundraising Leadership in the New Normal


Higher education fundraising report: Advancement Leaders Speak 2022

What are the top challenges, priorities, and goals of advancement leaders? Find out in our higher education fundraising report

How can we best engage donors in a time of change? That is the theme of Advancement Leaders Speak 2022. In this challenging environment where national participation in traditional giving continues to decline, fundraisers fund themselves forced to adapt quickly to new expectations from donors and new challenges in a post-pandemic environment.

To help better understand those challenges, strategies, and trends, RNL polled dozens of fundraising leaders—chief advancement officers, annual giving officers, major/planned giving officers, and others. This higher education fundraising report captures their insights and answers on a wide variety of topics:

  • Key priorities, challenges, and opportunities.
  • Trends in usage of donor engagement channels.
  • What we can learn from top commercial brands to fuel the donor experience.
  • Fundraising technology and communications.
  • The fundraising talent landscape.

Higher education fundraising report: Factors contributing to turnover in advancement

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