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Ruffalo Noel Levitz has expanded into the United Kingdom through the acquisition of Buffalo Fundraising Consultants.

For more information, visit http://www.buffalofc.co.uk/.

For every stage of your development

Perhaps you are a new development office looking to establish a regular giving programme or a more established fundraising team with many years’ experience under your belt; either way, we are able to offer services to assist you in the start-up, transformation or enhancement of your regular giving programmes.

Over the last 10 years we have developed a comprehensive array of services, from regular giving strategy days through to telephone campaigns and donor stewardship programmes. We pride ourselves on listening to our clients and offering flexible options. We can work with you on a single project or build a long term partnership encompassing all aspects of your regular giving activities.

Our aim is to ensure that you are doing all that is necessary to develop and maintain a high level of engagement with your prospects. Our range of fundraising and data enrichment expertise ensures that you generate a sustainable stream of income year after year.

Fundraising services

You can view us as an extension to your Development Office. Supporting you with strategy consultancy we can make sure that your plans are on the right track. We can assess your current telethon set up with a telethon audit but if you are considering your first campaign we can conduct a feasibility study to ensure that everything is in place to ensure its success. We offer a Bristol based call room utilised for a wide range of services from fundraising campaigns through to focus group calling. And if you aren’t yet ready to tackle telephone fundraising then we can work with you on direct mailings. We are on hand to fill any gaps caused by staff changes so that your project aims remain attainable.

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Telethon services

Buffalo has been designing and implementing record breaking telephone campaigns since 2004. This is largely due to our Campaign Managers who manage each campaign from start to finish. Only by fully understanding your needs are we able to provide the correct service to deliver great results. Whether you want to contact alumni, parents, friends, ticket-buyers, service users or affiliated prospects we’ll design an approach that’s right for them, and right for you.

MOLE, Buffalo’s bespoke calling management software, is completely adaptable to your needs. On whatever scale you work, with whichever database and however complex your needs, MOLE can provide the solution. And, we provide 24-hour technical support and a package that enables you to lease MOLE for the number of weeks you require, rather than purchasing software outright or leasing on an annual basis. MOLE truly provides the most flexible and supportive software solution available for your telethon.

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Data services

Buffalo is constantly developing innovative and effective ways of improving your data. We understand that good data is vital for successful relationship building and fundraising. Our many years of experience working with databases allows us to conduct data health checks, along with our comprehensive range of data cleaning services. We can also assist with data enrichment. Perhaps you are embarking upon a capital campaign and require wealth screening, or you have gaps in your data which could be reduced using our lost alumni service or dedicated Personal Information Form (PIF) mailing. We ensure that your database is fully prepared for any mailings, events or fundraising efforts.

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Payment processing

Buffalo has been managing fundraising campaigns for a decade, collecting millions of pounds worth of gifts for our clients. A number of our clients found the collection of gifts a clunky and arduous task, creating difficulties with recording gifts, and donor stewardship. Buffalo can shoulder the weight of these processes, setting systems in place to manage your gift collection. Donor Debit is our direct debit processing service offering market leading rates and full gift reporting.

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