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RNL has developed customizable Infographic PDFs, PowerPoint templates, and Executive Summary Word documents which you can use to share your data on campus. It is important to communicate with your leadership, faculty, staff and students about the results and these documents provide easy to use formats to do that. The data sharing documents help you to:

  • Be transparent with the data you are gathering at your institution
  • Share a high-level introduction to your satisfaction survey results
  • Organize the data in a way that will make sense to people without overwhelming them
  • Start conversations on ways to improve the student experience
  • Be accountable for improving student satisfaction in the future

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Four Ways to Use Your Data

To get the most return on your investment, refer to this one-page flyer with ideas for using your data to support student success/retention, strategic planning, accreditation and recruitment activities. Note, the infographic document and PowerPoint noted above are great ways to present this information to others on campus!



Strengths and Challenges Discussion Worksheet

This worksheet provides guidance for brainstorming sessions around your strength and challenge items.  You can insert one statement per sheet and distribute to work groups to guide their discussions on how best to celebrate strengths and identify initiatives to respond to the challenges.

Action Plan Worksheet

This worksheet provides an example of a way to document the challenge items and associated action steps, including who owns the activity and budget considerations.



Fact Book Example

Digital Engagement Center: Advanced Analytics

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College shares how they reshaped the raw data file into a published Fact Book on their website:  click here. (Shared with permission.)

Contact Adam Swanson with questions at adam.swanson@mgccc.edu

Break Out Report Example

Digital Engagement Center: Remote Engagement

A client shared this breakout report focused on data for Admissions and Financial Aid.  It also includes a section for identifying action steps and budget dollars needed.  (Shared with permission.)

Contact Candi Alexander with questions at Candi.Alexander@fresno.edu

Overview of Results Example

Digital Engagement Center: Calling with Visual Caller ID

Clarkson College provided this example of how they shared an overview of their results.  (Shared with permission).

Contact Neka Miller with questions at millerneka@clarksoncollege.edu.

Multi-Year Analysis For Multiple Surveys Example

Digital Engagement Center: Personalized VideoA client shared this example of tracking and presenting the results over multiple administrations for their SSI, ASPS and IPS results.  (Shared with permission.)


Data Elements By Department

This document has RNL’s suggestions for key data points from your SPS results to be shared with various departments on campus.

Tuition Paid Worthwhile Messaging

If your students identified “Tuition paid is a worthwhile investment” as a challenge, you may want to consider opportunities for additional messaging to change perceptions in this area.

Client Examples

This document shares a variety of examples that clients have shared with RNL on how they are presenting and sharing their results on campus.