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Learn what employees really think about working at your campus

The College Employee Satisfaction Survey™ takes the pulse of your campus professionals. Find out how they feel about key topics such as your campus culture, work environment, mission, and more.

More than 70 survey items, plus custom questions

The survey offers a thorough array of questions, covering every facet of campus employment. You can also add up to 28 custom items specific to your campus. With the data from this survey, you can:

  • See which issues are most important to your campus employees
  • Assess their attitudes toward your institutional mission and goals
  • Uncover key data about the work environment on campus
  • Learn the most effective ways to keep your employees satisfied, productive, and happy

Once the survey is completed, you’ll receive a complete set of summary tables. In addition, you may order raw data, segmented tables, and other options for further analysis. Learn more.

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Designed exclusively for colleges and universities

Unlike other employee surveys, the College Employee Satisfaction Survey addresses areas specific to working on college campuses. Questions on interdepartmental communication, campus mission, enrollment, and decision making reveal attitudes on issues critical to higher education. The reports for two-year community and technical colleges and four-year private institutions include national norms.

The College Employee Satisfaction Survey is appropriate for every level of college employee: administrators, campus staff, and faculty members.

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Friends University

“The College Employee Satisfaction Survey helped us pinpoint issues we can address and see how to prioritize them. In the places we identified concerns, we have been able to really dig in to find pieces where we can effect change.”

Stephanie Hargrave, Ph.D.—Director, Institutional Research and Assessment, Friends University (Kansas) - Learn More

Part of The Research Toolkit

Looking for additional affordable research instruments? Take a look at the surveys available in The Research Toolkit. Find surveys for specific student populations, alumni, employers, and more.

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Additional resources for surveying and training campus employees

The Institutional Priorities Survey™ assesses the satisfaction and priorities of campus staff, faculty, and administrators. It is a valuable research tool for seeing how staff perceptions vary from student perceptions about the quality of campus life and learning.

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