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RNL has developed infographics (both PDF and PPT) for you to use on campus. It is crucial that once your satisfaction-priorities survey is complete, you share your data. These infographics were built to help you highlight your data so it’s easily digestible for those on campus.

If you need instruction on how to access your reports, take a look at our Report Tutorials.

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Sample Results Sharing

This document provides a variety of examples of posters, YouTube videos, accreditation documentation, and newsletters to assist you with sharing the results.

Multi-Year Analysis For Multiple Surveys Example

This document was shared by a client institution as an example of the way that they analyzed the data over multiple years and multiple survey versions.

Triangulation of NSSE and SSI – Mount Union Example

This document was shared by a client institution as an example of the way that they triangulated their SSI and NSSE results. Additional NSSE documentation can be found here.


This handout example highlights the key results from an administration of the SSI and the IPS. This summary document was shared with the Executive Leadership and the personnel on campus prior to a Professional Day presentation about the results.

Summary Handout Example



Challenges Discussion Worksheet

This worksheet provides guidance for brainstorming sessions around your challenge and strength items. You can insert one statement per sheet and distribute to work groups to note the information that needs to be gathered, communication options to change perceptions, immediate response activities and those areas that are strategic planning opportunities.

Action Plan Worksheet

This worksheet provides an example of a way to document the challenge items and associated action steps, including who owns the activity and budget considerations.

Summary and Follow-up Worksheet

This worksheet provides an example of…..