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Assess the priorities of campus administrators, staff,
and faculty with their perceptions of the student experience.

Keep your retention initiatives on track by using the Institutional Priorities Survey, the parallel to the Student Satisfaction Inventory™ for faculty, administration, and staff.

Using the two surveys simultaneously reveals areas of agreement and disagreement between students and campus personnel, so you can:

  • Confirm further the accuracy of your students’ perceptions
  • Identify areas for new initiatives that will be well-received campuswide (see illustration)
  • Gain an understanding of your campus climate from a faculty/staff perspective

By knowing which issues everyone agrees are important, you’ll be prepared to implement programs that are well-received, and you’ll learn when advance work is necessary to bring particular campus audiences on board with the rest.

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National Satisfaction and Priorities Report

2019 National College Student Satisfaction ReportFind data and strategies to strengthen the student experience. This report includes data from 560,000 students at more than 850 institutions, providing insights into their views on academic quality, the value of college, the importance of being at their “first-choice” institution, and more.

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Implementation and summaries

Learn how to administer the Institutional Priorities Survey by reading these implementation guidelines. After you’ve used the survey, contact us to request an on-site executive summary, an extensive interpretation of your data by our assessment consultants.
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