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Sharing the data from your Satisfaction-Priorities Surveys is an important part of the survey process. It is essential that your top leadership, faculty, administration, staff members and even your students know the results from the survey.

These documents can be used to communicate a high level of information regarding:

  • why student satisfaction assessments are important
  • how the strengths and challenges are determined
  • your top institutional strengths
  • your key institutional challenges (which are priorities for improvement)
  • what you plan to do with the results
  • student perceptions on institutional choice
  • what factors influenced their decision to attend your institution
  • your bottom line indicators of summary satisfaction and the likelihood to re-enroll

Download the appropriate document(s) for the survey versions
you administer on campus to customize with your results

SSI Infographic / PowerPoint / Executive Summary

ASPS Infographic / PowerPoint / Executive Summary

PSOL Infographic / PowerPoint / Executive Summary


Instructions to complete the Infographic/PowerPoint

Infographic Instructions

Suggestions on where to share these documents

Distribute at:

  • Senior leadership meetings
  • Faculty sessions
  • Departmental meetings
  • Staff gatherings
  • Student government sessions
  • Alumni communications

Post the infographic in high traffic areas:

  • Websites
  • Student union
  • Restrooms
  • Lounges
  • Library

The results from your satisfaction assessments are also important to include in your strategic planning efforts, as part of your accreditation documentation, to inform your retention/student success activities and to identify institutional strengths for recruitment messaging.  We encourage you to be intentional in sharing your results with all of the right people on campus to benefit these various areas.