How RNL Helps Higher Education Engage Donors With Impact Across Channels

Adam HiltonSenior Vice President, MarketingMarch 3, 2022

At RNL, we’re always at work putting together coordinated and compelling communications for our higher education partners. I took a look at the appeals we’ve produced over the past year, and there were a ton of contenders for best in show. Here’s just five great examples of engaging appeals we’ve helped create.

Showing impact for COVID giving drives powerful stewardship

Johns Hopkins University has been a key hero in the COVID pandemic, with life-saving research and medical care as well as crucial data. Donors helped make it happen, and we were proud to partner with the university to help thank them

Johns Hopkins University COVID appeal
Johns Hopkins communicates vital COVID philanthropy impact (click for full image).

Giving impact fits right into core brand messaging

We helped Texas Wesleyan lean hard into their “smaller, smarter” brand messaging with integrated mail appeals. Sharing key impact by giving level, with the items that evoke alumni memories (like the popular café) and even the percentage that a gift contributes to tuition are smart ways to bring the impact message home to donors. Combined with emphasis on the ease of giving, these communications are a hit.

Texas Wesleyan University appeal letter
Texas Wesleyan engages donors with impact and ease of giving (click to see the full appeal).

A festive holiday sweater engages donors across social, mobile and email

The University of Arkansas engaged donors across key channels with a definitely not ugly sweater providing some warmth for the end-of-calendar-year appeal. The integration and creativity of this messaging across digital advertising, social media, and appeals is a great example of what we’re proud to do with an omnichannel approach.

University of Arkansas holiday appeal
University of Arkansas shares warmth and drives year-end giving (click for more).

A recent grad shares life-changing donor impact

Down to the inclusion of a picture of the alumni ambassador who shared how donors changed his live at UConn, this communication really personalizes giving impact. The personal story combined with an emphasis on loyal giving is a real winner.

UConn donor appeal
UConn personalizes giving impact in this appeal (click for more).

Strong brand emphasis combined with pride engage alumni to give

The powerful suggestion to “come home” and support Bowie State University, combined with strong brand, excitement, and pride messaging make this digital suite of communications compelling and encourages action.

Bowie State goes bold with Black & Gold in digital and social messages.

Bowie State University digital ad for donor appeals.
Bowie State goes bold with Black & Gold in digital and social messages (click to see the campaign).

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Join us at our upcoming Donor Pipeline Amplification webinar to hear Brent Swinton of Bowie State University. Brent will share how his team is engaging donors and creating excitement for giving.

RNL is also ready to help you make a major impact and boost giving. Want some help to bring your communications to the next level with integration, creativity and fresh messaging? Check out RNL’s omnichannel solutions, and or reach out and we will set up a time to connect.

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