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The gold standard for raising money
and expanding your donor base

RNL Masters Phonathon is designed for institutions ready to invest in the most advanced program for increasing dollars and accelerating donor acquisition. Data-driven integrated multichannel outreach extends the phonathon with optimized engagement, personalized giving opportunities, and stewardship.

RNL Masters Phonathon transforms fundraising with world-class advanced analytics, optimized data-driven outreach, and innovative digital engagement.

  • Reach your campaign goals with customized calling and proven program management
  • Gain insights with advanced reporting, tracking, and progressive dialing capabilities
  • Engage more donors with personal conversations and integrated multichannel outreach that is tailored to your institution’s brand and goals

RNL Phonathon has transformed into the RNL Digital Engagement Center

RNL Digital Engagement Center

See the RNL Digital Engagement Center, a revolutionary approach to donor engagement, powered by advanced analytics and omnichannel outreach.

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How RNL Masters Phonathon maximizes your fundraising results

MORE THAN 10,000

student fundraisers recruited, trained and employed by RNL each academic year


CAMPUSCALL® is used at nearly 500 institutions—more than all other phonathon software solutions combined


through a world-class phonathon.

8 ways we deliver a more intelligent phonathon program

RNL Smart View

Modern dashboards offer enhanced visibility into your programs so you can see exactly what’s happening and learn from the results.

Award-Winning Creative

Research-driven creative blends compelling design and content to engage donors and increase fulfillment.

RNL Smart Data

Quality data gives you stronger records and stronger results. Basic research included, additional data enrichment available.

RNL Smart Fulfillment

Automated personalized reminders, with tailored schedules and increased frequency, are deployed across all channels for increased fulfillment rates.

RNL Phonathon Management

Our fully-managed call centers implement the best program staffing, training, and optimization

PCI & Legal Disclosure Regulatory Compliance

We handle the tough stuff for you and ensure privacy, security and state requirements

Multichannel Warming & Solicitation

Multichannel warming and solicitation increase acquisition rate and bridge the gap for un-callable donors (email, direct mail, phone, digital)

RNL Voice & Style Personalization

Advanced personalization of outreach type, tone and ask for a more donor-centric approach that matches your brand.

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