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Student Satisfaction Inventory™

The Student Satisfaction Inventory™ is available in several different versions so that campuses can choose the type and length that best suits their needs.

  • The 70-question (Form A) or 40-question (Form B) versions are available for:
    •  Four-year public and private institutions
    • Community, junior, and technical colleges
    • Two-year career or private schools
  • Canadian versions, with items specific to Canadian institutions, are available for two-year or four-year institutions.

The Student Satisfaction Inventory can be administered online or in paper form. Click on the samples below to see each version.

Web-based survey samples

Four-year college/university Community/junior/technical college Two-year career/private Canadian Spanish
Form A Form A Form A 4 year 4 year
Form B Form B Form B 2 year

Report deliverables

The reporting deliverables from RNL include a wealth of data automatically.  We will deliver your calculated data in the RNL Client Portal, with a variety of reporting formats available to you to review and analyze your student feedback.

The deliverables include:

  • The Main Report: Compare your institution’s survey results to the national comparison group or in some cases a regional comparison group.  Your institutional strengths (items with high importance and high satisfaction) as well as your specific challenges (high importance and low satisfaction) are clearly identified.
  • The Year to Year Report: Compare your most recent survey administration with a previous administration so you can see where satisfaction levels have shifted significantly over time.
  • Comparison Report: Allows you to isolate the data by specific demographic subpopulations to provide you with a better understanding of the perceptions of subsets of your overall population.
  • Versus Report: Compare two demographic subpopulations to each other, to see where one group may be significantly more or less satisfied than another group.
  • Single Group Report: Allows you to isolate the data by a specific demographic subpopulation and compare it with the corresponding demographic subpopulation on the national level.
  • Raw data files: Reflect all of the individual responses to each survey item as well as the demographic responses for additional analysis on campus.
  • Open ended comments: Captured with online administrations, the comments provide qualitative information from your surveyed population.

To learn more and to see a preview of the reporting in the RNL Client Portal, listen to this brief introduction:

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