SPS Online Administration Implementation

About a week after your order is placed, the RNL team will setup your survey administration. If possible, they will replicate your survey customization from the past. At that point, you are ready to move forward with your survey setup.

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To get started with your SPS administration, take a few minutes to review this page. The video tutorial (found on the right) will walk you through the entire survey setup and the Users Guide has the answers to almost all your questions!

In order to launch your survey, the following items will need to be completed at your Survey Administration Page.

If you are looking for a check-off list to launch your survey, you can download and print/save our:

Online Setup Check-List

Recipient file containing email address, first name, last name, and passcode (optional) must be loaded into your survey administration page.

Use our template for loading your recipient file. Our video tutorial will walk you through this process.


  • be sure your file header matches the template (if you don’t include data in a column, it can be blank but the header must be present)
  • if you are considering a local implementation (not just sending emails), include a passcode in the passcode column
  • phone number is optional (RNL is not using this field). If uploaded, phone numbers must only be numeric (no signs/symbols/spaces)

Survey customization includes:

10 campus defined items – 10 positive statements (20 for ASPS) that must be answered with level of importance and level of satisfaction (125 character limit per question).  Use our template for uploading your items. Our video tutorial will walk you through the process.

Demographic questions – two multiple choice questions or statements that allow for up to 15 possible responses to select from (single response). 109 character restriction per question and 40 characters per response.

Program/majors – we highly suggest you take advantage of this! Use our template for uploading your majors. Our video tutorial will walk you through the process. A four-digit numeric code must be included in your upload, but students will only see the program name.

Additional information:

  • To review a bank of sample custom items, select here.
  • To review a list of standard survey items, select your survey type on Survey Items section here.
  • Additional information or step by step instructions can be found in the users guide below.

There are two distribution options you can use together or as stand alone:

Distribute personal URL links (typically done via email distribution from SPS admin). Sample email templates are available for your review. Scheduled emails will launch at 9AM CST on their scheduled delivery date. Be sure to avoid SPAM by sharing our Whitelisting documentation with your IT department. Our video tutorial will walk you through the setup process. Personal URL links can also be exported from SPS admin for a mail merge sent locally (not from SPS admin).

Distribute a survey specific URL that is unique to your institution but generic to your students. This requires you to upload a passcode in your survey recipient file (in the passcode column) and add passcode instruction text to display when students use the link. The passcode could be Student ID or student email address. When using the survey specific URL the student will be required to enter their unique passcode for entry. The survey specific URL can be turned into a QR code, sent via text or embedded in your LMS.

Additional information or step by step instructions can be found in the users guide below.

Research indicates that people need up to seven touches (or exposures to an idea) to take action. Plan to spend some time coming up with a strong implementation plan.

On campus campaign: Create posters and flyers to post on campus, use your staff/faculty/student ambassadors to be a voice on campus, and create an electronic campaign.

Email Campaign: use our sample text (provided above) or create your own! Plan an email campaign that catches your survey recipients attention.

Online campaign: make announcements on social media or other mediums. Using a social media ambassador is a great way to get the word out.

Successful Response Rate Best Practices

Prior to launch, be sure to “Preview your Survey” and your email messages (if applicable).

Be sure your End Date aligns with your survey plans. You can easily modify your end date on your Dashboard. Surveys close at 11:59PM on their scheduled close date.

If you believe you have completed all necessary setup steps, feel free to email StudentSuccessTech@Ruffalonl.com to do a quick review. We can double check everything is setup as needed.


Implementation Guidelines

To help you prepare, you may want to review RNL’s SPS Implementation Guidelines.

Users Guide

Answers to your most common questions can be found within our FAQ document.


Head to our client resource page if you have questions about how to access, review, and share your SPS results.

Client Resource page

Check out our RNL blogs page. You can search on Student Satisfaction or Student Success or any other topic of interest to you.


We invite you to join our Student Success LinkedIn Group. Find us at: RNL Student Success