SPS Online Administration Implementation

About a week after your order is placed, the RNL team will setup your survey administration. If possible, they will replicate your survey customization from the past. At that point, you are ready to move forward with your survey setup.

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On the right, you will find a video tutorial walking you through your SPS administration portal. This includes basic instructions on uploading your survey recipients, locating your survey specific URL, loading your email messages, and updating your survey customization.

The following items will need to be completed at your Survey Administration Page (after you have been notified that your survey is setup). For additional information on each of these items, see the blocks found below:


Student Search and Engagenment Prospect

Recipient file containing email address, first name, last name, and passcode (optional) to be loaded into your survey administration page.


Email Campaign

Email message(s) including your send dates, subject line and sender, as well as the body of email, to be entered into your survey administration page (unless you are not sending email messages from our system).


Question Mark iconOptional Survey Customization to be completed at your survey administration page. Survey customization includes 10 campus defined items, 2 demographic questions, and program/majors.


70% of students search on their own

Formulate a plan for strong response rates. Research indicates that people need up to seven touches (or exposures to an idea) to take action.

If you believe you have completed all necessary setup steps, feel free to email StudentSuccessTech@Ruffalonl.com to do a quick review. We can double check everything is setup as needed.


Implementation Guidelines

To help you prepare, you may want to review RNL’s SPS Implementation Guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your most common questions can be found within our FAQ document.

Recipient File

A sample of the recipient file can be found at the link provided. Our video tutorial will walk you through the upload process. Reminder, if you are considering a local implementation (not just sending emails), include a passcode.

Email Campaign

Sample email text provided below. Scheduled email will launch at 9AM CST on their scheduled delivery date. Be sure to avoid SPAM by sharing our Whitelisting documentation with your IT department. Our video tutorial will walk you through the setup process.

Alternate Implementation

Implementing your survey without using RNL admin tool is an option. You can distribute unique links assigned to each student locally or distribute the Survey Specific URL in conjunction with a unique passcode for each student.

Customization - Program/Majors

We highly suggest you take advantage of this! A sample of the program/major file can be found at the link provided. Our video tutorial will walk you through the upload process.

Customization - Demographic Items

Up to two multiple choice questions or statements that provide up to 15 (NEW!!) options to select one response from. (character restrictions: 109 characters per question and 40 characters per response).

Customization - Campus Defined Items

10 positive statements (20 for ASPS) that may be rated on importance and satisfaction (125 character limit per question).  Contact Shannon Cook or review our Hybrid/Online, Wellness and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion items for your consideration. Our video tutorial will walk you through the upload process.

Survey Recipient Download

If you offer an incentive, upon close of your survey administration, you can login to your admin page (select “Closed” at the top) and go to the Audience section within your portal. Here you can Export Recipients and see who has completed the survey. This download is available at any time during your implementation.

Set up your administration for success using 3 different touch point methods

On-Campus Campaign


Create posters and flyers to post on campus, use your staff/faculty/student ambassadors to be a voice on campus, and create an electronic campaign.

Email Campaign


Use our sample text (provided above) or create your own! Plan an email campaign that catches your survey recipients attention.

Online Campaign


Make announcements on social media or other mediums. Using a social media ambassador is a great way to get the word out.

Successful Response Rate Best Practices


Head to our client resource page if you have questions about how to access, review, and share your SPS results.

Client Resource page

Check out our RNL blogs page. You can search on Student Satisfaction or Student Success or any other topic of interest to you.


We invite you to join our Student Success LinkedIn Group. Find us at: RNL Student Success