SPS Interpreting & Using Your Results

Once you've received confirmation that your SPS results are ready, you are ready to login and review your results.

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Please download/review the documentation provided below.

  • The Quick Guide provides instruction for your first time logging in as well as basic navigation of the reports.
  • The Interpretive Guide provides written narrative on reviewing and analyzing your results.
  • NEW: The Use and Share Guide provides instruction on how to use and share your results.
  • The addendums provide details related to your specific survey version.
  • The Tutorials provide a video recording of how to review and analyze your results.

The SPS Quick Guide provides you a quick overview on logging into and navigating RNL Client Portal. It’s essential to review this the first time you are logging in to review your results! Also keep it handy to remember which report templates to use for your analysis.

Quick Guide

The SPS Interpretive Guide provides you a deeper understanding of each of the report formats within the RNL Client Portal, along with guidance on how to review all of the report segments. It is a large document, but it is well indexed. This document should answer the majority of your questions about the reporting.


The SPS Use and Share Guide provides you with a variety of suggestions on how to best use and share your data on campus. This document can help you get the best return on your investment with the RNL survey instruments.

Use and Share Guide

The SPS Addendums provide specific details about each of the unique survey instruments in the SPS family of surveys.  Download the survey-specific version(s) that you administered on your campus.

The SPS Tutorials walk you through how to access and review your Satisfaction-Priorities data. We highly suggest you take the time to review these tutorials.

Video Tutorials


Downloading Results

Populate this Excel template with your data. It takes less than five minutes! This gives you the ability to easily share your data without Portal access.

Data Sharing Templates

Download templates for customizable Infographics, PowerPoints, Executive Summary Word documents and more.

National Comparison Group

Download the list of institutions included in your national comparison group.

Raw Data Support

Directions and file formats to support your use of the raw data files.

Assessment Cycle Plan

Guidelines on what can be done each month over a two-year assessment cycle.

Accreditation Support

Materials to help you use your satisfaction data to support your regional accreditation process.

Engagement Surveying

Also assessing student engagement?  Review the documents mapping your satisfaction data with your NSSE or CCSSE results.

RNL Presentations

Review a variety of past presentations by RNL staff, some featuring client institutions, to help you make the most of your data.


Contact Julie Bryant with any questions on interpreting your results.  You can also schedule a free, one-hour report review conversation with Julie at a mutually convenient time.  This conversation can be one-on-one or you are welcome to invite your leadership group to join the conversation.  We will walk you through building your reports in the RNL Client Portal, highlight key data observations and brainstorm with you on next steps to get the most from your satisfaction survey investment.


Head to our client resource page if you have questions about how to access, review, and share your SPS results.

Client Resource page

Check out our RNL blogs page. You can search on Student Satisfaction or Student Success or any other topic of interest to you.


We invite you to join our Student Success LinkedIn Group. Find us at: RNL Student Success