Interpreting & Reviewing Your Results

The resources below will help you interpret, review, and use the information captured from the RMS Plus surveys. Review the documents and determine which will be of most value for you and your team.

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These guides are for those who will be working directly with students to discuss their results. Clients are encouraged to share this link with their advising team or download and print the guide for distribution.


Scale Description

CSI Form B / CSI Form C

Introduction of the Student Report

Sample text for introducing the student report

Conversation Starters

CSI Form B / CSI Form C,

Report Interpretation – COMING SOON

CSI Form B / CSI Form C,
MYSA Form B / MYSA Form C / SYSA

Example of student/advisor interaction using the CSI

Video Presentation

Worksheets and Assignments

For use in FY seminars and success courses

Student Contract for Next Steps

To help hold student accountable


for a two page reference sheet on the data and reports

College Student Inventory
Form BForm C

Mid-Year Student Assessment
Form B / Form C

Second-Year Student Assessment

Data Center Documentation

Report Retrieval

Do you need help pulling reports?

Emailing Students

Do you need help emailing your students? See page 13 of the Users Guide

Filtering Students

Do you need help filtering your students? See page 18 of the Users Guide

Setting Up Users

Do you need other individuals to have access to the Retention Data Center? See page 4 of the Users Guide.

Additional RMS Resources

Whether you are surveying for the first time or the 10th time, this page provides all the information you need for successfully surveying your students.

Implement Your Survey

All RMS activity is done within the Retention Data Center. You will find resources within this page to help you navigate the Retention Data Center and pull individual student reports and summary reports.

Retention Data Center Documentation

To get the highest return on your investment, you must use your data in multiple ways. The resources on this page are a great way to share, present, and take action on your data with others on campus.

Share Your Results