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Student Satisfaction Inventory™

The Student Satisfaction Inventory™ is available in several different versions so that campuses can choose the type and length that best suits their needs.

  • The 70-question (Form A) or 40-question (Form B) versions are available for:
    •  Four-year public and private institutions
    • Community, junior, and technical colleges
    • Two-year career or private schools
  • Canadian versions, with items specific to Canadian institutions, are available for two-year or four-year institutions.

The Student Satisfaction Inventory can be administered online or in paper form. Click on the samples below to see each version.

Web-based survey samples

Four-year college/university Community/junior/technical college Two-year career/private Canadian Spanish
Form A Form A Form A 4 year 4 year
Form B Form B Form B 2 year

Report samples

These reports are similar to what your campus would receive after using our satisfaction and priorities instruments. The Campus Report includes:

  • Introduction and interpretive guide—Use this to understand the specific features of the survey you chose, as well as to focus your interpretation of the findings.
  • Strategic planning overview—Learn your strengths and challenges, and identify the top issues for discussion on your campus.
  • Demographic summary—See responses to the demographic items on the survey, providing important context for the data.
  • Scale summary—Understand the importance and satisfaction scores for each composite scale.
  • Institutional summary—Review the importance and satisfaction scores, item by item, and the performance gap scores. (The gap scores subtract the mean satisfaction from the mean importance score, revealing the gaps between satisfaction and priorities.)
  • Summary items—Compare the responses to three questions concerning overall satisfaction with your institution to the national scores.
  • Conclusion—See ideas for converting your data to action.

These reports samples are HTML interactive documents in the report delivery format. You can easily analyze the reports and distribute them on your campus.

Form A

Form B

Optional reporting samples

Additional assessments and analytics

Satisfaction-Priorities Assessments

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