RNL Student Success

Increase college student completion rates

Many campuses focus more resources on recruiting students than on retaining them. But it is far more cost-effective to improve the student experience in and out of the classroom to increase student retention rates, completion, and ultimately enrollment.

RNL Student Success gives you the most comprehensive way to nurture and develop successful students from pre-enrollment through graduation.

  • ASSESS your needs through an on-campus analysis of the student experience, student satisfaction, and persistence patterns.
  • DEVELOP a high-impact completion plan by working side-by-side with our student success consultants to retain more students and increase your college student completion rates.
  • CONNECT students to campus resources that best match their needs and will increase their persistence and completion.


Why do more institutions turn to RNL Student Success?

according to participants in our retention practices survey

are affecting more than 50% of public and 25% of private institutions

even though 95% enter college expressing a deep desire to do so


"We have really valued the clear, thorough analysis and presentation of the data. Being able to test, adapt, and apply new strategies has allowed us to garner the best results."

Dr. Stephen Varvis—Provost, Fresno Pacific University

6 components to increase completion rates, net revenue, and enrollment

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College Student Success: Student Satisfaction AssessmentStudent Satisfaction and Priorities Assessments
College Student Success: Student Retention PredictorStudent Retention Predictor
College Student Succes: Retention Management System PlusRetention Management System Plus
College Student Success; Student Retention ConsultingStrategy Consulting for Academic Advising, Student Retention, and Completion
Put students on the path to career success after graduation.RNL Career Services 
Provides student success case management, analysis, intervention, and reportingNuro Retention System



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Student retention reports

2018 College Freshman Motivation to Complete College Report

2018 National Freshman Motivation to Complete College Report

Learn the motivations, attitudes, and challenges for today's incoming college students, based on data from more than 90,000 college freshmen.


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2017 Student Retention Indicators Report

2017 Student Retention Indicators Report

Read the latest college student retention benchmarks for first-year, second-year, and transfer students.



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More student retention reports and white papers »

Additional solutions for Student Success

RNL Re-Enrollment for Student Success
Boost enrollment and retention by re-engaging "lost" students who desposited but did not enroll or who have withdrawn in their first year.

RNL Retention Management System Plus™
Increase retention and completion with these early-alert and motivational assessments.

RNL Satisfaction-Priorities Assessments™
Identify priorities for student retention and campus planning with these assessments for students, staff, and parents.

RNL Student Retention Predictor
Predict the likelihood of each student persisting and identify campuswide risk factors to student success.

RNL Career Services
Connect students, alumni, and employers through RNL Career Services, featuring the Purple Briefcase™ platform.

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