A Look Back at Our Top 2022 Fundraising and Donor Engagement Blogs 

Brian GaworVice President of ResearchJanuary 12, 2023
2022 Fundraising Blogs: Wooden blocks with lightbulbs

Last year, we sent you a ton of content about the rapidly changing world of donor engagement. As we move into a new year, we thought it would be good to look back and share some great insights you might have missed. Here are our top blogs in three key areas. I encourage you to check them out and use what you read to jumpstart your 2023 fundraising strategy.

New tech is transforming donor engagement

2022 was the year that many organizations adopted new channels and strategy to engage donors. Texting, AI-based personalization, and coordination across multiple channels were key themes. These three blogs in particular offer great insights.

Giving days and crowdfunding are evolving, and the innovation options are endless

Just about every organization has a giving day at some time, and time-sensitive giving options are a key way to encourage donors to take action. Check out these key recommendations from RNL experts:

Being strategic with data is the best path to better fundraising results

Big gifts are not something that you will just stumble into. They take time and a strategic approach to donor engagement to cultivate. And if you use a data-driven approach to donor engagement, you’ll have greater return on your budget spend, and most importantly, create a better donor experience. Here are a few key insights on how to be strategic in your donor engagement:

Even more insights and research for fundraising

We have a ton of great resources on the RNL website for fundraisers. I encourage you to check out all the RNL fundraising blogs, the great on-demand webinars, and fundraising research on the site. And, as you review what RNL experts and our client partners have to say, contact us if you want to talk about the strategies that will make 2023 your best fundraising year ever.

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