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Greta Daniels

Greta Daniels is a higher education and nonprofit professional with almost twenty years of experience in the field. She started her career in advancement and has extensive expertise in donor engagement strategies and pipeline building. As Senior Vice President, Greta leads a team of higher education revenue experts with extensive experience in a wide variety of topics ranging from traditional undergraduate enrollment, graduate and online enrollment, academic program development, marketing and digital strategies, alumni engagement, annual giving, and major fundraising.

Greta works directly with college and university presidents and boards to build strategic and sustainable revenue plans that efficiently incorporate enrollment, fundraising and other diversified revenue streams into a seamless vision for growth and success by leveraging market insights, industry experience and emerging technologies.

Previous Experience

A frequent speaker at national conferences and presidential institutes, Greta is driving conversations around innovative technologies and smart strategies in higher ed revenue planning. Prior to joining RNL in 2019, Greta served in a variety of leadership roles at the University of Pittsburgh/UPMC and Point Park University, both in Pittsburgh, PA.


Greta holds a bachelor’s and master’s degrees from New York University

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Quotes from Greta

“The only constant in our rapidly changing fundraising landscape is that success is rooted in donor-centric strategies. Technologies and priorities may shift, but putting the donor first when taking action will always provide solid foundation for growth. Whenever assessing new programs, initiatives, or technologies, I always ask, how is this going to improve the donor’s experience when engaging with my institution?”

“The art and science of donor engagement and fundraising come together in predictive analytics and personalization. Utilizing technology to learn more about your donors, anticipate interest and build pathways for increased engagement allows you to share compelling, personalized stories that inspire action and build community at a scale previously unattainable in the non-profit sector.”

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