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We look forward to our training session together. We’ve provided all of the materials you’ll need for the training via the links below. Please review these before the training and either print off the materials you’ll need (links under the “Training Materials” section) before the meeting or bring your laptop/tablet with you so that you can access the materials we’ll be using. We are excited to facilitate this training for you and your colleagues!

Training Materials

Recorded Training

To aid in your understanding of the College Student Inventory, you can view our training:

Recorded Training

Training Resources

To facilitate the understanding of the College Student Inventory (CSI), please download and share these resources with all your team members.

CSI Guide for Advisors and Success Coaches

Student Worksheets and Assignments

CSI Form B (100 standard Items)

Conversation Starters


See Samples of the Assessments and Reports

Mid-Year Student Assessment (follow-up to the CSI)

Resource Guide

Retention Data Center Resources

The RMS Plus comes with a secure, password-protected website where you manage and act on your student data: The Retention Data Center. This powerful-yet-intuitive portal provides increased flexibility for using reports and data from the RMS Plus, including multiple student grouping and filtering capabilities. It has varying levels of secure access, so that everyone from administrators to advisors can use it without compromising privacy. You can also add campus-specific supplemental questions to your assessment, and you can add your school logo to the assessment.

Users Guide – Retention Data Center

Report Retrieval with Summary Results