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St. John Fisher College Sees Gains in Enrollment and Revenue

St John Fisher College

“RNL has been an important strategic partner to the college for over 18 years. Their modeling has provided scenarios to leverage our institutional aid and guidance to continue our success during challenging enrollment times. Not only have we seen an increase in our enrollment size over the years, but also in the academic makeup of the incoming students.”
—Marie Fico, Director of Student Financial Services

St John Fisher College

St. John Fisher College’s long-standing relationship with RNL began in 1999 in an effort to optimize enrollment. Throughout the years, the college has achieved successful results. Despite a declining market over the past five years, the college has brought in near-record-breaking classes without compromising academic quality.

Key results

St John Fisher College: Freshman Enrollment13 percent increase in freshman enrollment in the last five years (including early projections for 2019) and one of the highest enrollments in campus history in a declining market.

St John Fisher College Academic QualityMaintained academic quality through growth, with an average SAT score of 1160.

St John Fisher College revenue21 percent increase in net tuition revenue in the last five years (from $9.3 million to $11.2 million). Average net tuition revenue has also increased by 7 percent over the same timeframe.

St John Fisher College discount rateDiscount rate has only modestly increased over the last five years (3.7 percent vs. the national increase of 5.3 percent as reported by NACUBO).

St John Fisher College Housing90 percent of new freshmen live in on-campus housing.

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