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Increase conversion of admitted students
through multichannel outreach

To maximize the yield of your admitted college students, you need to keep them engaged and convey the value of attending your institution. The RNL Yield Campaign provides the most strategic solution for providing outreach to admitted students and moving them toward enrollment.

Fulfill 2 key areas of outreach to admitted college students

  1. Understand what your admitted students need to know in order to make an enrollment decision
  2. Communicate value and affordability to those students in a way that makes the best case for attending your institution.

Engage students with relevant messages across 4 channels

RNL Yield Campaign uses a combination of surveys and multichannel outreach to create an informed, engaging campaign that’s tailored to your admitted students.

Online and phone surveys of your admitted students provide valuable information about where those students are in their enrollment decision process. With that information in hand, the RNL Yield Campaign launches a 4-channel communication effort:

  • Email campaign
  • Direct mail campaign
  • Phone campaign with fulfillment emails based on the results
  • Digital Dialogue™ campaign that uses targeted digital advertising to reach students wherever they are online

The result? You leverage your value, make a compelling case to attend, and increase your yield.

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