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Strategic enrollment planning from RNL provides a systematic approach to achieving ongoing stability, ensuring that you can meet the educational, financial, and material needs of your students and your institution.

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Align your institution with its environment and identify high-impact strategies

Is your campus prepared to meet the changing academic demands, employment needs, and the increasing diversity of learners in the coming years?

Does your campus take a reactionary approach to the ups and downs of the higher education market, instead of having a long-term plan to anticipate changes?

Watch the video to hear Dr. Lew Sanborne of RNL discuss how strategic enrollment planning benefits campuses.

2022 Strategic Enrollment Planning Executive Forum

Join us for the 2022 Strategic Enrollment Planning Forum

Spend two days interacting with campus enrollment leaders, learning the key strategies of strategic enrollment planning, and creating the foundation of a plan you can take back to your institution.

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What is strategic enrollment planning?

Strategic enrollment planning is more than a long-term recruitment or retention plan. It is a data-informed process that aligns an institution’s fiscal, academic, co-curricular, and enrollment resources with its changing environment to accomplish the institution’s mission and ensure the institution’s long-term enrollment success and fiscal health.

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How does strategic enrollment planning benefit your institution?

Strategic enrollment planning benefits your campus in many ways:

  1. Fosters long-term enrollment and fiscal health
  2. Provides realistic, quantifiable goals for student recruitment, student success, and the market position of your campus
  3. Delivers clearly defined, cost-effective results by using a return-on-investment and action-item approach
  4. Aligns your institution’s mission and its current state with the changing market environment

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Strategic enrollment planning culminates with a finely tuned, data-informed, five-year strategic enrollment plan that addresses pressing challenges such as:

  • Adapting recruitment and retention strategies to rapid market changes
  • Responding to changing demographics and supporting diversity
  • Aligning academic and co-curricular trends with institutional capacity
  • Preparing graduates for changing demands of the modern economy and workforce
  • Responding to increasing calls for accountability
  • Managing student and campus revenue needs as costs outpace federal and state support for higher education
  • Maximizing net tuition strategies