Data Enrichment Services

Data quality drives the success of annual giving programs. To truly optimize your annual giving potential, you need a full channel data enrichment solution that focuses on finding the best phone number, email address, and physical address for your constituents. Years of analysis and research have consistently shown that the more channels you can use to contact someone, the greater likelihood they will give.

Phone Append and Verification

With more than $7 million raised from our Cell Phone Append Research services, we know how valuable this research is to you when it comes to keeping tabs on your alumni.

We provide various levels of phone append research based on your needs. The use of phone append research combined with data logic delivers the highest quality results. Our data enrichment experts can work with you to determine the best solutions to improve your contact rate and maximize your phonathon results.

Cell Phone Append

Cell Phone Append focuses on finding new wireless phone numbers; can be a good layer of research to conduct either at the outset of the phonathon program or throughout your program. With 90% of college graduates owning a cell phone, in order to optimize your phonathon efforts, it is crucial that cell phone numbers are accurate and up-to-date.

Wireless Identification

Wireless Identification verifies if an existing prospect phone number (based on the first 7 digits of the 10 digit phone number or the prefix plus one) is a landline, wireless or a ported wireless number. Our data enrichment team can provide valuable insight into how to use this data to drive phonathon results.

Telephone Append

Telephone Append adds new telephone numbers and verification scores that can be used to target prospects most likely to have an accurate phone number.

Advanced Research

Advanced Research focuses on finding updated address and phone number information from 5,000+ sources including credit agencies, utilities, as well as other public and legal records. Input data requires as little as name and last known address or date of birth. Other information that improves results includes spousal information, maiden name and graduation year.

Address Append and Verification Services

According to the United States Post Office, 38.8 million address changes processed in 2013.

With over 128,000 address changes processed daily it’s critical to have a strategy to ensure your mail is being delivered to the right address. Our address append and verification services help optimize mail deliverability, direct mail results and the append rates for our phone and email append services.

National Change of Address (NCOA)

National Change of Address (NCOA) identifies constituents who may have recently moved and saves costs on undeliverable mail. NCOA is a change-of-address service licensed through the postal service and improves telephone append results by providing a more current and standardized address so that an accurate phone match can occur.

CAMPUSCALL Address Verification Software

The CAMPUSCALL Address Verification Software allows student fundraisers to verify and standardize addresses in real time, as they are being entered, while the constituent is engaged in conversation to improve mail deliverability and the success of fulfillment and other direct mail appeals.

Email Research

According to Jay Baer of Convince and Convert, 17% of Americans create a new email address every 6 months.

Having an email address for your constituents is not enough; not if the email address you have is no longer valid or is now the email address they check every few months. Our email verification and append services can help you find the best email address for your constituents, providing you another opportunity to engage, solicit and steward your alumni and other prospects.

Email Verification

Email Verification focuses on identifying which email addresses are suspect, so that the email reputation remains high for an organization, thus improving open and click through rates for e-campaigns. The records flagged as “suspect” should be sent to email append research.

Email Append

Email Append focuses on finding new email addresses for prospects that do not currently have an active email address in the advancement database and for those that aren’t opening the emails you are sending.

Prospect Driven Research

The most accurate updates come directly from your constituents. Our prospect driven research provides full channel solutions for your institution’s data enrichment needs by allowing your prospects to self-report their own information.

"Where Are You?" Emails

"Where Are You?" emails focus on capturing new demographic information by driving prospects online to update their demographic information. These emails are most commonly used after a record is coded as a "bad number" during the phonathon, but can also be sent as a blast email.

Demographic Update Cards

Demographic Update Cards focus on capturing new demographic information from prospects by having them complete and return a self-mailer postcard. These can be sent to targeted populations without active phone information.

Survey Calls

Survey Calls focus on capturing updated information (employer, email, physical address) and providing alumni affinity insight for the target audience.

Matching Gift and Employer Append Research

Employer Append

Employer Append utilizes a number of sources to append employer information onto a constituent record.

Employer Verification

Employer Verification service will allow you to identify more matching gift eligible constituents by appending matching gift information onto pre-existing employer information on a constituent record.

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