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RNL has prepared a variety of recorded tutorials to provide you with support as you review your Satisfaction-Priorities Survey results. You are encouraged to check back here for additional tutorials which will be added in the future.

Reporting Tutorials

Report Tutorial Part 1

This 20-minute tutorial provides an introduction to the RNL Client Portal SmartView Reports, with a focus on the SPS Main Report and the SPS Year to Year Report.

Report Tutorial Part 2

As a follow up to Part 1, this 12-minute tutorial provides guidance on the data slicing options including the SPS Comparison, Versus and Single Group Reports, as well as the raw data files.

National Satisfaction-Priorities Reports

In this 10-minute recording, RNL provides an overview of the results in the National Report, providing more context on your national comparison data.

Do you have questions about the information you heard in any of these sessions or about using the satisfaction survey instruments from RNL? Contact Shannon Cook or Julie Bryant.

Let us know if there is additional content that would be helpful to you.