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Parent Satisfaction Inventory Online Administration Order Form

  • Inventory Materials

  • Reporting Includes:
  • • Main report with national comparisons
    • Year to year report if applicable
    • Comparatives for all demographic variables
    • Single group reports for demographic slices compared with the same national demographic group
    • Raw data, with comments and recommendation scores
    All results are delivered via an online dashboard with the ability to export the results. Paper and PDF versions of the results are no longer available.

  • Online Administrations

  • The flat rate quantity rate is based on the number of individuals invited to complete the survey

    Number of Individuals    Flat-Rate Fee
    1-499 $1,000
    500-2499 $2,000
    2500-4999 $3,500
    5000-9999 $5,500
    10,000-14,999 $8,000
    15,000 - 19,999 $12,000
    20,000+ Please contact RNL
  • Hidden

  • The online administration fee includes access to your online administration portal, email invitations and reminders to survey recipients, real-time updates on your completion rate and demographic overviews of who has completed the survey, all completed surveys when the account closes, access to the reporting platform and all of the reports noted above.
    Please allow seven business days for online account set up. Watch for an email from StudentSuccessTech@RuffaloNL.com to access your online account for the customization steps.
    Cancellation fee: Online administrations cancelled after accounts have been set up are subject to a $100 cancellation fee.
  • Client Information


  • Order Summary

  • Contact RNL to discuss if your administration project scope doesn’t match the standard pricing indicated on this order form. RNL will create a custom pricing proposal for you.
    All billing will be done when the order is placed. Prices subject to change.
    You will receive an email confirmation with your order summary when you hit submit. Contact StudentSuccessTech@RuffaloNL.com if you need to make any changes to your order.
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