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Adult Student Priorities Survey™ Paper Administration Order Form

  • Inventory Materials

  • Reporting Includes:
  • • Calculated responses compared with national comparisons and regional comparison where available
    • Year to year comparison reports if applicable
    • Comparative reporting for all demographic variables
    • Single group reports for demographic slices compared with the same national demographic group
    • Raw data, with comments and recommendation scores (comments and recommendation scores are exclusive to online administrations)
    All results are delivered via an online dashboard with the ability to export the results. Paper and PDF versions of the results are no longer available.

  • Paper Administrations

  • • Order one survey instrument for each student.
    • All paper surveys much be ordered in increments of 25.


  • Paper administration fee includes processing completed surveys in one batch and all reporting indicated above.
    Paper surveys will be shipped to arrive on campus within ten business days after your order is received. Once the paper surveys are shipped to you, they are yours to keep. There are no refunds for unused survey instruments.  
    Blank survey instruments may be used for future survey administrations if RNL has not changed the existing survey instrument. The current paper administration fee will apply at the time additional surveys are sent in for processing.
  • Optional Specialized Comparison Group

  • Create your own comparison group by selecting from our list of participating institutions. All groups must meet the criteria established by RNL, including a minimum of 7 institutions.
    Additional fees will apply for groups with 11 or more institutions. RNL will work with you to identify your requested institutions.
    Specialized Comparison Fee: $500

  • Client Information


  • Order Summary

  • Contact RNL to discuss if your administration project scope doesn’t match the standard pricing indicated on this order form. RNL will create a custom pricing proposal for you.
    All billing will be done when the order is placed. Prices subject to change.
    You will receive an email confirmation with your order summary when you hit submit. Contact StudentSuccessTech@RuffaloNL.com if you need to make any changes to your order.
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