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Put students on the path to career success after graduation with
RNL Career Services Powered by Purple Briefcase


Successful job placement and career development are increasingly important student outcomes, and the vast majority of students see career services as a valuable part of their educational experience.

More than 8 out of 10 college students say that career services are important.1


Career services important to most students

7 out of 10 freshmen want to talk about qualifications needed for certain occupations.2

RNL Career Services Powered by Purple Briefcase

RNL Career Services Powered by Purple Briefcase™ helps students and alumni find jobs that align with their career goals and passions, helps college career administrators monitor and facilitate student career development, and ultimately helps employers find the best candidates at our client institutions.

We do this via Purple Briefcase, the best-in-class career services platform. Our cloud-based, software-as-a-service platform provides:

  • Management solutions for career services administration
  • Student-facing tools for jobs, internships, and mentor networking
  • Employer access to top quality new talent

Results from RNL Career Services clients

Randolph College used RNL Career Services to deliver career services to alumni as well as students. The program was an immediate success, attracting 1,000 alumni in the first 10 months.

Read the case study.

Southern Wesleyan UniversityAfter using RNL Career Services, Southern Wesleyan University saw a 61% increase in appointments with its career services office. “It’s not enough to have the tools, you need to drive usage!” remarks Director for Career Development Ellen Pate.

Read the case study.

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Who can benefit from RNL Career Services Powered by Purple Briefcase?

Career Services Professionals

Run your career services office using a complete set of tools, from job postings to student resources to employer contact management.


Find career preparation tools specifically designed for students, including a smartphone app and 400+ custom made short-form videos.


Track, manage, and schedule events and interactions with all of your employer contacts, and even give employer contacts access to the platform to make it easier to post jobs and connect with students.
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10 reasons why clients love RNL Career Services Powered by Purple Briefcase

  1. Robust integrated email capabilities to stay connected to students and employers
  2. Event management with integrated payment management
  3. On-campus recruiting—schedule meeting and stay connected
  4. Resume and document management
  5. Exclusive access to My Interview Practice—an online job interview simulator
  6. Career prep video and career chat forums
  7. Experiential learning management
  8. Mentorship—connect students with alumni
  9. First-destination surveys
  10. Customizable branding that matches your school

Plus you receive live customer support!

Used by campuses, students, and employers nationwide

160  Colleges And Universities

use the RNL Career Services platform

800,000 Students

use the platform to connect with employers

75,000 Employers

use our platform to find graduates for jobs