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Put Your Brand in the Palm of a Student’s Hand

The students you want to reach today are more reachable than ever thanks to the smartphones they carry everywhere they go. Now RNL has a powerful yet simple way to connect with those students and get them to answer your calls: RNL Visual Caller ID

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Create more connections and build brand awareness with students


RNL Visual Caller ID for Enrollment

Brand every call, even if students don’t pick up

Your logo and campus name creates a brand experience even students don’t answer the call.

Increase call completion with whitelisting of your number

Campuses using RNL Visual Caller ID have already seen a 25% increase in pickup rates.

Add departmental branding

You can add text such as “Department of Admissions” to your call listing to specify which campus department is calling and increase chances of a student picking up.

Distinguish your campus visually

With all the calls students receive from colleges and other organizations, RNL Visual Caller ID will make you stand out.


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Part of the RNL Student Search to Enrollment Solution

RNL Student Search to Enrollment is a complete enrollment solution that gives you everything you need to engage and enroll the students you want. RNL Visual Caller ID helps increase connections with students and parents when your institution calls.

See how you can reach your enrollment goals and increase ROI with the most comprehensive and engaging solution for higher ed.

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RNL Student Search to Enrollment

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