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College Employee Satisfaction Survey™

The College Employee Satisfaction Survey includes 70 items in five areas:

Employees rate the importance and satisfaction on a host of issues, including:

  • Campus mission
  • Budgetary and human resources
  • Departmental communication
  • Pride in work
  • Training and employee recognition

Employees rate the importance of a variety of institutional goals, including recruitment, retention, diversity efforts, staff morale, and more. Respondents also list which goals should be the top three campus priorities.

Employees rate how much involvement various campus constituents have in the decision-making process, from not enough involvement to too much involvement.

Employees rate the importance and satisfaction on issues such as:

  • Information flow
  • Employee empowerment
  • Supervisor relationships
  • Professional development
  • Fulfillment and job satisfaction

Polls overall satisfaction, as well as length of employment and type of position.

Add up to 29 custom items

You can add custom survey items to each section of the College Employee Satisfaction Survey, up to 29 additional questions in all. This allows you to investigate issues specific to your campus.

Reliable and confidential

Designed by market research personnel with years of campus research experience, the College Employee Satisfaction Survey provides sound, reliable results. It’s also completely confidential, letting your campus employees respond candidly and honestly.

Santa Fe Community College

“The College Employee Satisfaction Survey gave us a reasonably priced, easy-to-administer, college- focused instrument and allowed us to add enough institution-specific questions to satisfy our research needs. As a result we have involved faculty and staff much more fully in the planning process, significantly increased all employees' wages, and created a faculty promotion system.”

Jackie Virgint, Director of Institutional Research, Santa Fe Community College (New Mexico)

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