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To recruit the students you want, your digital marketing needs to be optimized so you reach those students and engage them all the way to enrollment. The resources on this page will provide you with helpful research, benchmarks, insights, and strategies so you can analyze your digital marketing and recruitment efforts.

Marketing and recruitment resources for undergraduate and online student enrollment

Online enrollment continues to grow, it’s also important to understand how your marketing and recruitment efforts need to adapt for students looking for online study along with traditional undergraduate students. We have included resources that address both student populations.

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The Evolution of Enrollment Analytics: Using Data for Action
Hear experts with decades of experience discuss how data and analytics can drive your student search campaigns.


Maximizing Lead Generation Through Integrated Marketing
Learn how to optimally balance marketing tactics between four critical strategies for maximum enrollment impact.

5 Ways to Leverage Your CRM to Maximize Enrollment Results
See how strategic CRM management can increase everything from personalization in your campaigns to ROI on your search.