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Launch compelling college student search campaigns
that generate genuine interest from the right students

Institutions are looking to break through the competitive enrollment environment to find students who are genuinely interested and likely to enroll.

RNL Demand Builder provides strategic college student search campaigns that build a pool of interested students followed by extended engagement to maximize application and enrollment rates.


where to find the right students through predictive modeling and advanced analytics


affordability issues so students receive targeted financial aid communications that address their concerns about cost early in the search process.


genuine student interest through strategic marketing campaigns that amplify your institutional brand and personally relate to today’s students


students by communicating across multiple channels to reach them wherever they are—on their phones, on social media and web pages, in their email, or opening their mail.

How Demand Builder benefits campuses nationwide

50% of Admitted Students

come from student search, providing greater enrollment returns on their search investment

4-Channel Marketing Campaigns

deliver optimal yields compared to other search programs

7-Points Higher

freshman-to-sophomore retention rate after students become engaged in our personalized search campaigns

Ask for a tour of RNL’s enrollment solutions so you can engage more of the students you want to enroll


Generate genuine interest from the
right students

Student Search Predictive Analytics

RNL Search Predictive Modeling, RNL Affordability Predictor, and RNL ForecastPlus Predictive Modeling for Inquiries create meaningful and custom analytics, harness your own data, and append census-based data to identify where and where not to search and who and who not to invest your recruitment dollars on.

Real-Time Inquiry Targeting and Engagement Campaigns

Inquiry pool surveys collect real-time attitudinal information, leading to extended and customized fulfillment campaigns.

Award-Winning Creative

Research-driven creative blends compelling design and content to nurture students’ interest.

Marketing Strategy, Recruitment Consulting, and Training

Expert insights empower your team to use student data and feedback to market, inform, educate, and get results.

Personalized and Targeted Video, Texting, Email, Visual Caller ID, and More

Increase opportunities for engagement with personalized communications in the channels students use every day.

Digital Advertising

First-party data matching, geo-fencing, and retargeting will reach students on web sites, social media, and their mobile devices.

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