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This series of recorded presentations offers short tutorials on topics that are relevant for the implementation of the Satisfaction-Priorities Survey instruments. Many of the sessions are five minutes or less.

You can listen to the whole series or select the sessions that are most relevant to your institution based on the information you need, depending on where you are in the process. You can listen at your own desk or you can share the information with a committee that is working on a satisfaction surveying project.

Each presentation stands on its own but also fits into the larger series of presentations.


Survey Introductions

  • Student Satisfaction Inventory – Coming soon
  • Adult Student Priorities Survey – Coming soon
  • Adult Learner Inventory – Coming soon
  • Priorities Survey for Online Learners – Coming soon
  • Institutional Priorities Survey – Coming soon
  • Parent Satisfaction Inventory – Coming soon

Systematic Assessment Cycle

Supporting Information

Using the Data on Campus

Using the Data by Department

  • Admissions and Enrollment Management – Coming soon
  • Student Affairs – Coming soon
  • Academic Affairs – Coming soon
  • Institutional Research – Coming soon

Suggestions for Initiatives

  • Tuition paid is a worthwhile investment – Coming soon
  • Advising items – Coming soon
  • Instruction items – Coming soon
  • Campus climate items – Coming soon
  • Recruitment and financial aid items – Coming soon
  • Student service items – Coming soon

National Satisfaction-Priorities Reports

What’s Next?

  • How satisfaction surveying fits with other retention efforts – Coming soon
  • Introduction to the Retention Management System – Coming soon

Do you have questions about the information you heard in any of these sessions or about the administration process? Contact Shannon Cook or Julie Bryant.

Let us know if there is additional content that would be helpful to you.