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Boost enrollment and retention by re-engaging “lost” students

Your campus invests tremendous amounts of resources to bring in each and every student, spending months or years recruiting them. Replacing students that withdraw or stop out is costly, compounding the costs each loss has on your institution.

Why students need to be re-enrolled

1 IN 10 Freshmen

deposit but do not enroll. That’s the equivalent of a 10 percent loss in expected revenue.

1 IN 3 Freshmen

freshmen do not return for their second year. The first term is the most critical time to get freshmen on the path to completion.

Freshmen Leave for Numerous Reasons

Knowing why they left can provide vital information for keeping them.

RNL has pioneered student retention and success in higher education through groundbreaking student assessment instruments, advanced analytics, and strategic planning for retention. Now we have combined our decades of experience in student retention with our expertise in student marketing and alumni affinity to reinvent student engagement for retention.

RNL Re-Enrollment for Student Success is a powerful way to engage currently enrolled students who have not registered for classes and those students who have recently withdrawn or stopped out.

Connect Across Multiple Channels

through phone, email, and surveys that assess why students left. Multiple points of contact mean more chances to connect and engage.

Personalize Persistence

with student survey data that provide personalized outreach as early as the next day. You can use students’ own responses to call them back to campus.

Increase Retention Rates,

enrollment yield, net revenue, and graduation rates as you rescue more students from withdrawing.

Turn to the partner trusted by more than 1,900 colleges and universities every year. Find out how RNL has merged marketing savvy, student assessment, and personalized engagement to evolve how we maximize student success.

See how you can boost enrollment and student retention by re-engaging “lost” students. Ask for a free guided tour.


 Additional Solutions for Student Success

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Boost enrollment and retention by re-engaging “lost” students who deposited but did not enroll or who have withdrawn in their first year.

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Identify priorities for student retention and campus planning with these assessments for students, staff, and parents.

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Predict the likelihood of each student persisting and identify campus-wide risk factors to student success.

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