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Access reports, analyze findings, and manage
your Retention Management System Plus student data
through one convenient, customized online dashboard

The RNL Retention Management System Plus gives you access to the Retention Data Center, a secure, customized dashboard. At a glance, you can quickly examine your student data and the last three filters you defined.

Administer surveys, access reports, and analyze data

The Retention Data Center makes it easy to manage your administrations
of the College Student InventoryMid-Year Student Assessment,
and Second-Year Student Assessment.  It also serves the Student Retention Predictor.

Access your student records quickly and find data to focus your interventions.a

Export your student data into existing or customized templates, saved in multiple formats and sorted by any fields you wish. You can also import data from existing files into the Retention Data Center.

Review the Summary and Planning Report as well as the Summary Observations With Receptivity Report. Sort results by filters such as receptivity, risk, and key factors.

Manage and customize your surveys quickly and easily. The Retention Data Center makes setting up new surveys and managing existing ones simple and straightforward.

Increase coordination and efficiency by sharing access to data with key retention personnel, while also using tiered permission rights that protect student privacy.

Customize your analysis through data filters and export functions

Want to sort student cross-tab data by receptivity to academic assistance? Financial concerns? Career planning? Overall risk level? The Retention Data Center makes it easy to create your own custom filters, allowing you to examine and act on your assessment data in variety of ways. You can sort cohorts by almost any characteristic captured in the survey in just a few clicks. No other student assessment instrument can match the flexibility, customization, and ease of the Retention Data Center’s filter system.

Ask for a hands-on preview of the Retention Data Center »

Ask for a guided demonstration of the Retention Data Center and the Retention Management System Plus. You’ll see how you can intervene with students more proactively, with greater efficiency and effectiveness, so that you can help more of them stay on the path to success and completion. Email us or call 800.876.1117.