RNL NYS Applicant Cultivator™

Build an applicant pool that addresses the needs of private New York institutions
Build a stronger college applicant pool for private New York Institutions

How can you build a more robust applicant pool to remain competitive with public institutions in New York? What can private colleges and universities like yours do to develop the right mix of applicants in light of the Excelsior Scholarship?

RNL NYS Applicant Cultivator delivers the most advanced tools and strategies for private New York institutions to nurture and develop competitive college applicant pools.

  • BUILD a robust senior search powered by analytics
    We apply an advanced analytics package specifically matched to the New York State market so that you make the strongest possible search purchase.
  • ENGAGE students through direct personal outreach
    Multichannel campaigns across digital, email, direct mail, and phone create the relevant engagement needed to generate the right applicants.
  • REACH more applicants online
    A strong digital campaign promotes your value and the benefits of applying to your institution.
  • INCREASE your yield rate
    This combination of analytics, targeting, and communication maximizes the number of applicants who are more likely to enroll.

5 components to engage the best applicants and increase conversions

New York Student Applicant CampaignNew York Student Applicant Campaign
New York Senior Search AnalyticsNew York Senior Search Analytics
Parent Applicantion Letter and InsertParent Application Letter and Insert
RNL Smart Review Analytics and ReportingRNL Smart View Reporting
Digital Advertising with RNL Digital DialogueDigital Advertising with RNL Digital Dialogue



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Additional RNL NYS Enrollment Solutions

RNL NYS Demand Builder
Protect your existing market share in New York and reach new markets outside the state through analytics-and-affordability-driven search campaigns.

RNL NYS Analytics
Drive inquiries, applications, and enrollment with a robust combination of analytics, tools, and consulting.

RNL NYS Class and Price Optimizer
Optimize yield rates, net revenue, tuition, and financial aid levels through advanced modeling, Excelsior Scholarship impact research, and careful price-versus-competition benchmarking.

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