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Optimize institutional dollars and yield rates
while maximizing net revenue

Free public college tuition in New York State has made price, revenue, and enrollment yield even more critical for private New York colleges and universities. How can you remain competitive, provide aid students need, and meet your own revenue needs in this new environment.

RNL NYS Class and Price Optimizer provides the most complete solution to help private New York institutions set price and awarding levels strategically so that you can reach your desired yield levels.


Optimize institutional dollars and yield rates while maximizing net revenue through advanced modeling, Excelsior Scholarship impact research, and a price study.


Benchmark your institution against top competitors in New York as well as top overall competitors, regardless of state.


Develop a financial aid and scholarship strategy that balances enrollment and revenue needs with your competitive objectives.

3 components to accomplish goals and achieve desired class yield

RNL Advanced FinAid Solutions
Historical analysis of student enrollment and retention behavior, econometric modeling, revenue optimization/simulation, annual plan development, four-year enrollment and net revenue projection model, tracking reports, and weekly consultations.

Competitor Benchmarking With Enhanced NYS Research
Responsive net price calculator gives students an accurate perspective on your affordability long before they consider applying.

RNL Pricing Study With Enhanced NYS Research
Research to guide recruitment, marketing, and financial aid strategy by assessing elasticity of demand and perceptions of value, including a competitor study to ensure that your institution is optimally priced.

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Additional RNL NYS Enrollment Solutions

RNL NYS Demand Builder

Protect your existing market share in New York and reach new markets outside the state through analytics-and-affordability-driven search campaigns.

RNL NYS Analytics

Drive inquiries, applications, and enrollment with a robust combination of analytics, tools, and consulting.

RNL NYS Applicant Cultivator

Develop your applicant pool this summer and fall using Excelsior Scholarship impact research, powerful multichannel outreach, and campaigns for stealth applicants, inquiries, and high school seniors.