Student Retention Consulting

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Student Retention Consulting

What are the most productive next steps to continue increasing college completion rates on your campus? How can you engage everyone on campus—including current students, staff, faculty, and administration—to help more students achieve their educational goals?

Ruffalo Noel Levitz has helped colleges and universities throughout North America to increase college completion rates. To achieve your desired level, our consultants partner with you to assess your current retention level, generate buy-in with key campus personnel, and to develop collaborative, data-informed strategies.

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When you work with our retention consultants, you gain an experienced partner. We work with you side-by-side to gather and analyze data that you can act on immediately to set retention priorities and create initiatives that will have the greatest impact on persistence. Draw on our experience and expertise to:

  • Evaluate your institution's retention strategies for gaps and opportunities
  • Identify factors that put students at risk of dropping out
  • Uncover meaningful data using the latest assessments and analytics
  • Benchmark your outcomes and retention programs with those of similar institutions
  • Get faculty more involved in student retention
  • Energize the work of retention committees
  • Create data-informed strategic action plans for improving college completion/graduation rates
  • Integrate your retention action plans with recruitment and marketing activities and campuswide strategic enrollment planning
  • Strengthen accreditation efforts
  • Apply for and utilize Title III and Title V grants

For state universities and community colleges, we also have experience with meeting requirements for performance-based funding.

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