Leadership Team and Board of Directors

Our leaders are experienced veterans in the fields of higher education, fundraising, and technology. Before coming to Ruffalo Noel Levitz, they helped lead campuses, nonprofit organizations, and top companies to high levels of success. Now they direct their expertise toward helping our clients reach unprecedented levels of success and leading our team of higher education experts.

Senior Leadership Team

These members drive our overall direction and ensure we are fullfilling our mission, vision, and values.

Al Ruffalo CP Jois, Chief Technology Officer Brett Frazier, Chief Customer Officer Melissa McAfee, Chief Financial Officer Sarah Coen, Senior Vice President, Consulting Services Rob Ackley, Vice President of Human Resources
Al Ruffalo
CP Jois
Chief Technology Officer
Brett Frazier
Chief Customer Officer
Melissa McAfee
Chief Financial Officer
Sarah Coen
Senior Vice President,
Consulting Services
Rob W. Ackley
Vice President of
Human Resources



Our Operations team ensures that our client projects stay on target, on schedule, and on goal.

Renee Vaillancourt, Executive Vice President Stacey Hunter, Vice President of Information and Software Services Tim Schuldt, Vice President, Client Analytics
Renee Vaillancourt
Executive Vice President of
Fundraising and Client Services
Stacey Hunter
Vice President of Information
and Software Services
Tim Schuldt
Vice President,
Client Analytics


Consulting Services

Our leaders in Consulting Services oversee the hundreds of experts who work directly with institutions to solve their most pressing challenges.

Dr. Lewis Sanborne, Vice President Wes Butterfield, Vice President Tim Culver, Vice President Andrew Gilbert, Vice President
Lewis Sanborne
Vice President
Wes Butterfield
Vice President
Timothy Culver
Vice President
Andrea Gilbert
Vice President


Fundraising Management Client Partnerships

These RNL leaders oversee our multichannel fundraising campaigns for our partners, from annual giving to digital campaigns to major and planned giving.

Cutler Andrews, Executive Vice President Chris Bingley, Senior Vice President Teri Robshaw, Senior Vice President Jason Finney, Senior Vice President, Business Development
Cutler Andrews
Executive Vice President
Chris Bingley
Senior Vice President
Teri Robshaw
Senior Vice President
Jason Finney
Vice President,
Sales Operations


Enrollment Management Sales and Account Management

Our enrollment management sales leaders reach out to campuses that can benefit the most from our services, so those institutions can enroll the students they want and run more efficiently than ever.

Robert Heil Executive Vice President Rob Baird, Senior Vice President Todd Abbott, Senior Vice President, Ruffalo Noel Levitz
Robert Heil
Executive Vice President
Robert Baird
Senior Vice President
Todd Abbott
Senior Vice President


Information Technology, Finance, and Human Resources

Our leaders in these areas provide critical support to our clients and our internal staff.

Paul Ruffalo, Vice President, Information Systems Mary Noel, Vice President of Finance Trisha Cornwell, Director of Accounting Cindy Brown, Associate Vice President
Paul Ruffalo
Vice President,
Information Systems
Mary Noel
Director of Revenue
Trisha Cornwell
Director of Accounting
Cindy Brown
Associate Vice President,
Talent Acquistion


Board of Directors


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