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Wes Butterfield

Wes Butterfield oversees the consulting services division of RNL, which includes the areas of market research, financial aid services, student success, recruitment, and strategic enrollment consulting.

In addition to providing leadership for the division, he has served more than 50 small and large four-year public and private campuses across the United States throughout his consulting career at RNL.

For 16 years, his primary focus has been assisting campuses with achieving enrollment and net revenue goals through the strategic use of financial assistance, increasing the effectiveness of student recruitment through ForecastPlus™ predictive modeling, and optimizing their enrollment management efforts.

Wes’s teams have helped campuses achieve results such as:

  • Increasing an 18 percent increase in enrollment over five years for a campus in the Midwest. During this time, the academic profile of the institution steadily increased, and average net revenue per student rose 15.3 percent.
  • Assisted a campus increase first to second year retention by over six percent in one year, focusing on academic advising, early alert, and strategies for supporting undecided majors.
  • Stopping a three-year decline in enrollment and helping this same campus increase its average net tuition revenue by 17.9 percent.
  • Assisting a campus with reducing its tuition and fees by 22 percent. This campus also increased first-year enrollment by 9.8 percent the year following their reset.
  • Increasing a campus partner’s net tuition revenue 25.8 percent while maintaining a steady enrollment increase over a five-year period.


Wes is a graduate of Cornell College and holds a master’s degree from the University of Iowa. He is currently enrolled in a doctoral program in Higher Education and Student Affairs at the University of Iowa.

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