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Keith Ramsdell at Bowling Green: Graduate Recruitment Best Practices, and Results From an RNL/NAGAP Survey

Bowling Green State University’s Keith Ramsdell joins RNL’s Scott Jeffe to unpack the new report we’ve released on graduate student recruitment best practices. Co-sponsored by NAGAP and featuring insights from member institutions, the research offers insights into how graduate recruitment strategies are adapting – or will need to adapt – in this challenging time for recruitment. Here is Keith and Scott’s conversation about the report and the future of engaging graduate students in your strategic enrollment plan.


Download the full report and read Scott’s insights at the RNL blog.

Key insights from the RNL/NAGAP graduate survey and marketing best practices from Keith and Scott:

  • We will see different patterns with student response than in the past. Stay agile, and don’t assume that a pause in response means that your recruitment is failing.
  • That doesn’t mean that you should take it slow. Only a small portion of recruiters told us that they respond within 24 hours to inquiries, and on average, graduate programs take quite a bit of time to complete the enrollment process.
  • Being quick and personal, even when multiple offices are involved, is key to maximizing your enrollment funnel.
  • Central graduate enrollment offices and the platforms they utilize can be of great help in centralizing and making this communication more effective.
  • Graduate programs have been slow to adopt digital outreach, and offices need training and external help to quickly adopt and use these technologies well to recruit and retain students.
  • The resources used by your undergraduate enrollment program can be of great help to graduate programs.

Keith will join RNL’s Raquel Bermejo to unpack the results and explore graduate recruitment best practices at the online RNL National Conference. Register today to see this great research and interact with hundreds of other enrollment and student success peers.