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National Adult Student Satisfaction and Priorities Report


National Adult Student Satisfaction Report

How do the satisfaction and priorities of adult students compare to traditional college students?

Lumina FoundationDownload this joint study by RNL and Lumina Foundation on the satisfaction and priorities of college students age 25 and older.

Adult students (age 25 and older) make up almost 40 percent of the national undergraduate population. Since they are often balancing their college experience with work, family, and other responsibilities, adult students may have different priorities and challenges. What can campuses do to serve these students better and help more of them succeed?

This report from RNL and Lumina Foundation examines data from nearly 370,000 adult and traditional-aged students at community colleges, four-year public institutions, and four-year private colleges and universities. Inside you’ll find:

  • Comparisons of overall satisfaction and priorities for adult students and traditional-age students by institution type.
  • Which factors were the most critical in their decisions to enroll.
  • National trends for strengths and challenges across key aspects of the educational experience: Financial aid, academic quality, registration, overall campus climate, value of tuition, and more.
  • Comparisons by race and ethnicity for students age 25 and older.

This report compiles data from the RNL Student Satisfaction Inventory, a benchmarking assessment used by more than 2,900 colleges and universities for the last 25 years.

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