RNL Major and Planned Giving Solutions

What if you could DOUBLE your productivity for major gifts and planned gifts?



Major and planned gifts are your most important resource. But many institutions have a productivity problem when it comes to major gifts—and 8 of 10 institutions want to boost their major gift officer productivity to address issues such as:

  • Fewer than 1 in 4 visits lead to a major gift within one year.
  • Gift officers average less than 80 visits per year.
  • At most institutions, 20% of major gift officers are new in any given year.
  • At many institutions, less than 50% of assigned prospects receive a visit each year from a major gift officer.

Now there is a research-backed solution to overcome these challenges and bring in more big gifts.

RNL Major and Planned Giving:
A Breakthrough in Major and Planned Giving

Increase your pipeline for fundraising major giftsRNL Pipeline Builder

Nothing bogs down major gift productivity like having to spend so much time qualifying prospects and not enough engaging the right donors. RNL Pipeline Builder identifies and connects you with the best prospects, providing a deep pool of top-rated major and planned giving donors who have the wealth and affinity that produce more major gifts.

Maximize productiviity even when you are down a major gift officerRNL Coverage

Have a gift officer leave? Need to get a new gift officer off to a fast start? RNL Coverage ensures you don’t miss a step by providing 100% coverage of assigned prospects, plus new prospect qualification to help new gift officers hit the ground running.



6 ways RNL Major and Planned Giving Maximizes Productivity

Analytics for major gift qualification1. Intelligent analytics qualify prospects by wealth and affinity. Fundraising major gift and planned giving donor warming2. Donor warming through multiple channels increases contact rates and interest.
Engage major gift and planned giving donors3. 1-on-1 conversations engage donors and secure meetings. Automatic scheduling for major gift officers4. Automatic scheduling gets meetings with qualified donors on a gift officer’s calendar.
Handoff to major gift officers5. Insightful handoff gives gift officers the information they need to close. Major gift officer training6. Ongoing training maintains gift officer productivity and success.


Papers on major giving and planned giving

Key Challenges and Priorities of Today's Chief Advancement OfficersAdvancement Leaders Speak: Key Challenges of Chief Gift Officers

Learn what gift officers told us about their challenges and priorities, and how they spend their time pursuing big donors.

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Major Giving white paper, planned giving white paperMaking Major and Planned Giving More Productive

Read this 8-page white paper to learn how you can ramp up productivity and connect with more qualified donors.

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