RNL360 Fundraising Program Analysis

What's Your Fundraising Potential?

RNL360As fundraising programs begin to rebuild during the economic recovery, many professionals are asking about the donor pipeline. Dollars are up at many institutions, but most are also experiencing either a decline in total donors or extreme donor volatility. The question in the field right now is "what is the future of our fundraising effort?" Leaders are asking: "how can we maximize results today while building a pool of major givers for the future?"

Our Solution

RNL360 fundraising analysis report

RNL360 is a new service from Ruffalo Noel Levitz created to help you explore your fundraising program's total potential and identify direct strategies to grow and stabilize your results. This report provides a snapshot of the synergy between your annual fund and major gifts program. RNL360 is information for action and gives you a concise view into your program's potential.

The value of the RNL360 report is right there in its name. Using your giving data, RNL360 looks back to show your historic donor patterns. We look forward to forecast your future results based on specific donor acquisition and retention metrics. Since RNL360 participants also agree to anonymously share their data in a benchmarking database, we can tell you how your program compares to similar institutions–to show what's happening around you. This full circle analysis gives your team the information necessary to consider what investments and metrics will make the most sense in the coming years.

RNL360 is both a diagnostic tool and an opportunity for you to explore your program's potential. The report shows how your donors are giving today, and how even small changes in your giving metrics will affect your program's total value.

RNL360 answers questions like:

  • How many gifts, on average, does a donor make before they give a leadership gift of $1,000 or more? How about a major gift of $20,000 or more?
  • What is the cost of not retaining our donors? How would increasing retention affect our bottom line over ten years?
  • What are the giving patterns across generations and decades of our alumni?
  • Why should we invest in acquiring, upgrading and retaining annual donors when major and planned giving donors give so much? What is the payoff for investment in a full channel solicitation program?
  • How do we compare to other similar institutions? Where are we leading? Where are we falling behind?


How does it work?

Once you've signed up to receive a report, you securely send data from your advancement system based on the simple specifications we provide. Then, following a short production period, we schedule time to deliver your report and answer questions.

What does the service cost?

RNL360 Analysis costs just $5,000. This includes data preparation assistance and delivery of the printed report by an experienced consultant via webinar. Consultant campus visits are also available for an additional cost.

RNL360 reports can be completed from almost all donor database/CRM systems. Our expert data team is available to help with the process.

RNL360 Preview Report

Below are a few sample elements included in the RNL360 Report.

Renewed Donor Consistency

Renewed donor consistency for last year compared to last four years.

RC360 sample report 1

Annual Cost of Not Retaining Donors

Annual cost of not retaining donors for last year versus the past four fiscal year averages.

RC360 sample report 2

Average Gift

Donor breakdown over the past four years.

RC360 sample report 3

Retention Rate

RC360 sample report 4

Time to Reach $10,000 Donor Level

RC360 sample report 5

Annual “Lifetime” Donor Value vs. Maximum Donor Consistency

RC360 sample report 6


Contact us to inquire about a complete RNL360 analysis of your fundraising program.

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