2019 Strategic Enrollment Planning Executive Forum

March 27-28 • Chicago

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2019 Strategic Enrollment Planning Executive Forum

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Achieve lasting success in a rapidly changing educational environment

How can you ensure that your campus is here to stay?

Major changes in academic demands, employment needs, and student demographics have created enormous challenges for colleges and universities. Now more than ever, institutions need a strategic, data-driven plan that will meet their enrollment goals and fiscal needs to achieve long-term institutional sustainability.

Join us in Chicago for a hands-on forum for campus leaders. You'll learn directly from experienced strategic planning experts and collaborate with campus colleagues as you analyze fiscal, academic, and resource challenges in order to create a plan that will help your institution thrive.

Explore key topics in strategic enrollment planning and institutional strategic planning

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This year's forum has expanded to include both strategic enrollment planning and institutional strategic planning, so that campus leaders can engage in a full exploration of topics that impact institutional sustainability.

Strategic Enrollment Planning

  • Tackling external trends and demands—and internal strengths and weaknesses—that influence student enrollment
  • Analyzing academic program trends and their revenue implications
  • Strengthening student success and completion as well as new student enrollment
  • Aligning strategy development with enrollment and financial projections through a return-on-investment (ROI) analysis
  • Winning support campuswide by designing a cross-divisional strategic enrollment planning process

Institutional Strategic Planning (free optional session on March 28)

  • Developing your vision and fulfilling your mission
  • Diving deeper into finance, infrastructure, and advancement
  • Creating a concrete approach to institutional strategic planning

Sessions include hands-on planning time for teams. By the time you leave, you will have already completed a substantial amount of the preparatory work required for an effective plan (identification of scope, topics, tasks, etc.). See the full agenda.

Who should attend?

  • President or chancellor
  • Chief enrollment officer/Vice president for enrollment
  • Provost or chief academic officer
  • Chief fiscal officer
For maximum benefit, bring your entire cabinet or executive leadership team to evaluate high-impact strategies that cross divisional lines.

Location and accommodations

The Executive Forum will take place at The Blackstone Hotel in Chicago. See more information about accommodations.


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