Fundraising Conference Sessions

2018 Ruffalo Noel Levitz National Conference, July 24-26

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Discover the strategies and solutions to drive fundraising results

Looking to boost alumni participation? Increase annual giving? Cultivate more donors online? Our presenters will dig into the biggest issues in higher education advancement in these fundraising conference sessions.

Download the Hour-by-Hour Agenda with session descriptions

(Please note: Conference sessions and programming are subject to change.)

The Future of Annual Giving

  • Building an Integrated Annual Giving Program
  • 5 Ways to Consistently Grow Annual Giving
  • How to Build a Better Recurring Giving Program
  • Direct Facts About Direct Mail
  • 5 Strategies to Increase Annual Fund Revenue
  • Great by Choice: How We Aligned Our Multichannel Program for Success

Better Fundraising Through Data

  • Testing is Winning: How to Run Effective Tests
  • 10 Tests in 365 Days: What We Learned Through Testing
  • Advanced Analytics: Data Mining and Predictive Modeling

New Approaches to Digital Giving and Marketing

  • What's Next for Text: Top Institutions Share Their Secrets
  • Rapid-Fire Review: Optimize Your Giving Page
  • Case Study: How We Grew a Record-Breaking Giving Day
  • Advanced Giving Day Strategies for Growing Donors at All Levels
  • Launch a Crowdfunding Program That Thrives
  • How to Take Your Crowdfunding to the Next Level
  • Why You Need More than a Facebook Strategy: Navigating the Expanding Universe of Social Platforms
  • Digital Marketing for Beginners and Winners
  • Advanced Digital Advertising: Stats and Strategies for the Future of Engagement
  • Developing Your Digital Personality

Growing Your Donor Pipeline

  • Top Ways to Increase Alumni Participation
  • Tap into the Giving Potential of Parents: A Field Guide
  • Expand the Opportunity of Leadership Giving

Improving Donor Relations

  • How Non-Profits Create Donors For Life: Growing Your Recurring Giving Community
  • Rethinking Donor Retention: How (Not) to Lose a Donor in 10 Days

Engaging Young Alumni

  • Missing Link Between Enrollment & Fundraising: Mastering Gen Z
  • Millennial Engagement to Creating a New Generation of Donors
  • Young Alumni Giving: It's Not as Hard as You Think
  • Building a Bridge to Giving with Student Philanthropy

Leadership and Strategic Planning

  • Building and Managing a Frontline Leadership Annual Giving Team
  • New Technology and Strategies and the Role in Higher Ed
  • The Future of Fundraising: How Annual Giving Must Evolve
  • Advancement Leaders Speak: Insights From More Than 3,000 Fundraising Professionals
  • Connecting the Dots with Enrollment Management and Fundraising
  • Are We a school or a Campus? Managing Enrollment and Fundraising at a Regional Center
  • When Best Practices Aren't Best: How The Higher Ed Marketing Landscape Is Moving Forward
  • Why Big Data Will Make or Break the Future of Higher Ed

These fundraising conference sessions are perfect for:

  • Campus presidents 
  •  Presidents of foundations
  • Vice presidents for advancement 
  •  Directors of development
  • Directors of annual giving
  • Marketing and communications staff for fundraising
  • Alumni relations staff

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