Enrollment Management Conference Sessions

2018 Ruffalo Noel Levitz National Conference, July 24-26

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Explore the latest innovations in student recruitment, campus marketing, and financial aid

Campus professionals, higher education experts, and enrollment consultants with vast experience will lead our enrollment management conference sessions, tackling the most important topics impacting student recruitment today.

Download the Hour-by-Hour Agenda with session descriptions

(Please note: Conference sessions and programming are subject to change.)

Student recruitment and campus marketing sessions

  • Why Big Data Will Make or Break the Future of Higher Ed
  • Data Driven Strategic Enrollment Projections: Putting Away Your Darts and Blindfold
  • When Best Practices Aren't Best: How The Higher Ed Marketing Landscape is Moving Forward
  • How to Pivot From Enrollment Data to Action
  • The New Engagement Economy in Higher Ed
  • Demographics: High School Graduates and Higher Education Demand
  • Recruitment for Rookies
  • Reaching Students of Generation Z
  • Trends at the Top: What Students of Tomorrow Will Look Like
  • Using IPEDS to Understand Your Position in the Marketplace
  • Understanding Program Appeal: How to Evaluate Academic Programs to Drive Enrollment Growth
  • Program- and College-Level Recruitment
  • First Generation Students and Their Families- What do they need from your enrollment office?
  • Success in Recruiting Hispanic Students
  • You Can Get Here From There: Using Journey Mapping to Drive Digital Marketing Programs
  • Developing a Digital Personality
  • E-expectations 2018: High School Juniors and Seniors Need Your Digital Recruitment Resources to Support Their Decisions
  • Why You're Doing Social Media All Wrong (And What Students Want)
  • Brand Awareness in a Snap: How Custom Snapchat Geofilters Can Keep Your School Top of Mind
  • How to Craft an SEO-Informed Information Architecture to Optimize Website Lead Generation
  • Leveraging Student and Alumni Reviews to Improve SEO and Differentiate Academic Programs
  • Texting in Admissions: Staying Human in a World of Marketing Automation
  • The CRM Challenge: Tips to Successfully Select, Implement, and Utilize a CRM
  • Eight Steps for Creating a College Marketing and Communication Plan
  • Marketing for Rookies
  • Making Your Marketing ROI Business Case With Marketing Performance Metrics
  • Using Data, Strategy, and Collaboration to Create a Content Plan That Actually Works
  • Creative Trends We Love: Inspiration to Invigorate Your Campus Communications
  • Utilizing Alumni as Your Salesforce
  • Ignite Your Brand Promise
  • Who’s Your Voice? Developing a First-Class Recruitment Program by Engaging Undergraduate Students
  • Making Inbound Happen: Bridging the Admissions/Marketing Gap
  • Creating an Authentic Campus Visit Experience
  • High School Visits: How to Create Lasting, Meaningful Relationships and Grow Your Enrollment.
  • Expanding Into Adult, Online, and Graduate Spaces
  • Developing Strategic Partnerships: Pipelines for Adult Enrollment
  • The ABC's of Transfer Recruitment-Advising, Benefits, and Creating Impressions.
  • Where Have All the Transfer Students Gone?
  • Pathway Partnerships: Connecting the Dots for Transfer Students Between Two- and Four-Year Programs
  • Creating an International Recruitment Plan
  • Working with Agents: Opportunity or Obstacle to International Student Recruitment?
  • Eight Fundamental Issues to Understand for Graduate/Professional Enrollment Planning
  • Breaking Down the Silos: Successful Graduate/Professional School Strategic Enrollment Planning
  • Small School, Big City: Growing Graduate Enrollment in a Fiercely Competitive Market
  • Going Internally: Recruiting and Yielding Your Own Graduate Students
  • Leading the Admissions Team
  • The Same Playing Field: The Art and Science of Athletic Recruitment and Enrollment Management
  • Leveraging Your Campus Relationships to Increase Enrollment
  • Stealth Apps: How to Enroll These Students
  • Parent Involvement in the Recruitment and Enrollment Process
  • Working with Gen Z Parents
  • Getting Our Diverse Population to College: High School Counselors and Enrollment Offices Partnering Together
  • Four Keys to Attract Students at Community and Technical Colleges
  • Are We a School or a Campus? : Navigating Enrollment Management at a Regional Center
  • Benefits of Conducting Career Assessments in the Community College Student Recruitment Process
  • Facing the Giants: How Small Colleges Can Successfully Compete
  • A Small College And An Integrated Approach to Enrollment Growth
  • Avoid the Recruitment Blind Side: Balancing Emerging Trends With Fundamentals
  • Women in Higher Education: Strategies for Success

Strategic enrollment planning sessions

  • The Fundamentals of Strategic Enrollment Planning
  • Developing Strategic Enrollment Strategies in Response to the Current Environment
  • Strategic Enrollment Planning: A Catalyst for Institutional Culture Change
  • No Surprises Revisited: Assessing What’s Essential for Enrollment Success
  • Community and Technical Colleges: Advancing the Concepts of Strategic Enrollment Planning to Meet Growing Enrollment Expectations

Financial aid and affordability sessions

  • Aligning Your Financial Aid & Marketing Strategies
  • Perceptions of College Financing From High School through College Graduation
  • College Debt: Reality vs. Perception
  • Articulating Aid: Making Your Value Message Creative and Compliant
  • Leveraging Opportunity with Early FAFSA
  • Building an Effective Financial Aid Strategy for Rookies
  • Financial Aid Reform: Next Steps
  • Tuition Reset: Is it Right for You?
  • Pricing Implications in Private Higher Ed
  • Quality vs Perceived Value: What Is the Difference and What Does It Mean for Institutional Strategy?
  • Effectively Communicating Financial Aid Information.
  • The 2018 RNL Discounting Report: How Does Your Discount Rate Stack Up?
  • Win, Grow, Retain: How Admissions and Financial Aid Impact Athletic Recruitment

These enrollment management conference sessions are ideal for:

  • Presidents, provosts, and chancellors 
  • Vice presidents for enrollment management 
  • Directors of admissions 
  • Directors of financial aid 
  • Campus marketing professionals 
  • High school counselors

"Compared to other conferences during the year, I always feel like I get meaty topics and good data."
—Andrew Wright Vice President for Enrollment Management, University of Southern Indiana

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